#137: Smaller

#137: Smaller

Pushing and pushing.

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Is it just me or did anyone else think she had wings in the last panel at first?

I like the detail in her posture through the years, illustrating her surroundings slowly breaking her down until she's nothing but the passive and unconfident pony look alike that we know and have grown to love now.

Although I am curious as to how her hair gets that raise right above her eyes to form the arches of hair, forming a perch for a hat to sit upon.

New crew member confirmed... erin will need a bigger couch

I came here to laugh. Not to feel. So many feels!

I love this strip. It may not have made me laugh, but as others have said above it made me feel.

I feel like when she was young and free her world was large, but as she got older and was forced to learn about magic that doesn't represent her abilities, her world got smaller. Hence the shrinking of the panels. At least that's how I came to understand it.

Fantastic strip. Keep up the good work guys because you two are awesome.

This was just a beautiful strip. Shrinking panels. Faceless blonde people. Lots of books and scrolls. Aging. Sad and lonely sadness. You have outdone yourself Cory. Grey, WTF--do you even write any more?!?!

Well, Erin died like 10 comics ago. Healer-girl here, now has more back story than Erin. So, I guess we're backing her now. She is sweet and all, but she lacks the irreverent, "in your face"-ness that I have come to expect from a protagonist in this series.

STOP IT YOU MAD MEN! She was already adorable and sympathetic enough as it is, stop making her more adorable and sympathetic! The heart can't take it.

Caramel Frappe:
.... She better not die >_> i'm not ready for that.

She's going to cast Pheonix to save Gunny's life...but the Pheonix is going to require someone's life force in order to bestow said life force upon someone else. The good ol' self-sacrifice. So we'll get a tearful death scene with her smiling because she finally did something right for once in her life.

Then we'll head back to Erin's apartment and - much like Gunny - FlutterAerith will be sitting on the couch with naught an explanation other than. ".....I got better." :P

I would have thought the text boxes were missing, but I guess this strip didn't need them. The art alone said it all.
Meanwhile, Erin is starting to smell funny, lying on the gurney.

constant bullying and uncertainty, studying something you hate and aren't good at, forced to repress your identity for fear of persecution? sounds like my time in middle school

I feel like I haven't mentioned how much I like this comic...

Keep it coming. :D

...I only just realised that the hair in the last panel makes it look like she has angelic wings.


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