31 - Rob Zombie Takes On The Running Man

31 - Rob Zombie Takes On The Running Man

Someone let Rob Zombie make another movie.

That was a mistake.

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What's sad is that one of my favorite adaptations of The Running Man, itself a (loose) adaptation of the book The Most Dangerous Game, is Manhunt. Manhunt is a phenomenal horror game, and I do consider it horror instead of action horror, because it asks you to do terrible things and there is no way around it besides to not play.

This movie LOOKED like a great spritual adaptation of that idea, regular people who become the most dangerous game (man) for a group of hunters. Hearing that it fails at even that basic story premise which was used in popular movies like The Purge: Anarchy and Election Year (the first Purge film was disappointingly just a simple home invasion film) as well as in the underrated early 90's film Surviving The Game with Rutger Hauer and Ice-T, hearing that it fails all of those and just ends up being a gore-fest is sad.

Well! Captain America: Civil War came out yesterday so I'll watch that again for the third time instead!

But it's still better than Minions, it seems.

Hollywood will greenlight pretty much anything with a big name attached to it anymore- a fact that lets Adam Sandler keep laughing his way to the bank.

I'd love to see an adaptation of Running Man that actually stays true to the original Stephen King/Richard Bachman story. The ending would piss off so many people in this day and age though.

Oh dear, Rob Zombie cannot make good movies. He seems a genuinely nice enough guy and I used to like his music (even if you can write off more than half of it as the same tune with a different dress), but with each film, it's like maybe one or two interesting ideas squandered through complete lack of understanding the nuances of not only horror, but human emotion in general. It actually seems to align with his music writing talent I guess. Just barely able to maintain campy B-movie quality, everything he tries to make out as either artistic or pushing boundaries just comes off as hopelessly quaint at best. He needs less yes-men when it comes to his work I believe.

Completely forgot about the running man book, I read that as a kid and the film was the first lesson on book-to-film disappointment. Couldn't get much more of a defining contrast there.

Sadly, Zombie can only make one movie all with the same lead actress. He is fixated with the films of his youth and now he keeps reproducing them in everything he makes.

The guy has a degree of talent, there is no question, but we dont get to see that talent because it seems like its locked behind this "schlock" gate where he keeps it hidden. Hes like Tarantino with actual talent but none of the cred.

So, does anyone else think Clowns REALLY freaking hate Rob Zombie? The guy's probably done more to damage public perception of clowns than IT ever did.


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