Morgan - Let's Talk About GMHs (Genetically Modified Humans)

Morgan - Let's Talk About GMHs (Genetically Modified Humans)

Morgan trades ideas for action-thrills, but it does enough to warrant a watch.

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"The bleep hits the fan."
What are you censoring yourself for? This isn't youtube.

Morgan is way better than Splice.

Hmmm. I watched Ex Machina, I thought it was an interesting movie, but I didn't think it was very good. I may wait for home release before I see this.

I would like to be the first to say that I don't like GMH's. I'm firmly against them. What would happen if a giant megacorp got their hands on a GMH and crossbred it with regular humans? If a GMH was to be released near less favorable humans would its unique properties then spread to that population like an airborne pathogen? These questions keep me up at night whenever I think of the eventual spread of GMHs - GMHs that I might see in the local supermarket, in malls, in factories, anyplace where normal humans might be found. And unless they are somehow labeled I might never now that the person checking out my food might in fact be a GMH.


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