Zero Punctuation: Paper Mario Color Splash

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LordTerminal is in full melt down. It's hilarious to watch but also really sad.

My point was that the sales figures were what made them decide to make Color Splash like Sticker Star. Not their fault they didn't catch wind of the public outcry by in time.

Nintendo now has a long history of ignoring what people want out of their games, hence we get recent travesties like Color Splash, Federation Force, and Star Fox Zero instead of a real Paper Mario game, a real Metroid game, and a Star Fox game not crippled by bad gimmick controls and ground missions.

So does Sony and they make a profit out of it. Shows what double-standards you people have.

I like to think that LordTerminal is just Yahtzee trolling his own comment section in a weird Tyler Durden state of mind, appeasing a build up of self-hate while also contributing to higher traffic for his uploads.
The alternative to that is not as pleasing to imagine.

That is absolutely hilarious and it is what I'm going to imagine from now on.

Thank Christ you got rid of that intro music. I hated it and sometimes missed the first few words of the review as I turned the mute button off.

Good move.

What annoyed me was that it was always way louder than the actual review.

Canadamus Prime:
I'm probably the 50th person to ask, where the hell's the intro?

People asked Yahtzee during his post-ZP stream. He doesn't know. Whoever uploads these probably fucked up.

Johnny Novgorod:

Canadamus Prime:
I'm probably the 50th person to ask, where the hell's the intro?

People asked Yahtzee during his post-ZP stream. He doesn't know. Whoever uploads these probably fucked up.

Considering the state the Escapist is in that doesn't surprise me.

Nintendo has done paper, yarn...I want clay next. Make that Nintendo Power cover in a game.

Delicious Anathema:
Nintendo has done paper, yarn...I want clay next. Make that Nintendo Power cover in a game.

Um... Well... It kinda was done awhile ago

Reads thread...

Well, that was, um, enlightening. Who knew that there was a conspiracy going on? 0_0

Since I'm here...


Yeah, and would you mind telling what you liked so much about Avatar,

I liked Avatar. :(

I wonder if I should play them in reverse order, kinda like how you should do with the star wars movies to not be the most disappointed in the prequels.

Personal view is that if you're watching Star Wars for the first time, you should go 4-6, 1-3, mainly to preserve the Darth Vader plot twist. After that, my view is that one should watch them in chronological order (1-6) if you're rewatching the series as a whole. Reasons being:

-I actually consider the prequels as a net positive, but I feel that Phantom and Clones are easily the weakest films in the series. Revenge of the Sith is a huge step up, but I think ending it on Return of the Jedi works better.

-This is a bit more nebulous, and it might be due to me being more reciprocal to the prequels than others, but I feel that the chronological order works is that it makes the two trilogies feel like very different eras. Prequel era, everything's clean, partly due to CGI use, partly due to worldbuilding (Republic's in bad shape, but it'll get much worse under the Empire), partly due to the use of colour (I'll spare a lecture, but if you ever rewatch the prequels, watch how the colour schemes and lighting change on Coruscant change in each installment). Hence, when we make the jump to A New Hope, it's very clear that this is a different world. Everything's 'rougher,' a bit more low tech, etc. I think this is due more to the use of technology in both trilogies, and possibly not even intentional, but for me personally, I felt that the change added to the overall experience.

Adeptus Aspartem:

I assume you're talkin' consoles only right? Because From Soft has a pretty stellar track record during the last decade. Then theres Blizzard and even though i personally disliked D3 for being so diffrent, the general opinion definitly disagrees with me and found it amazing - specially after all the patches.
I don't even know if Blizz actually ever produced a BAD game. Maybe 1 or 2 SNES games back in the 90s.

I don't think you're in the minority. I'm weird in that my personal level of preference goes D3>D1>D2, but most people would nominate Diablo II as the best game in the series. I feel the general consensus for Diablo III is that it's a good game that's been tarnished by a botched launch and it existing in D2's shadow.

As for bad games Blizzard's done? Well, outside personal preference (e.g. really don't like playing WoW), there is Justice League Task Force (if that counts), and Warcraft I has aged terribly.

All the reviews for this game are hilarious, because they all say "This game is so great! It looks great and it's funny! Ohbutitsjustlikestickerstarandthosepartsarereallyreallyreallybadbutmaybetrytoignorethosepartsyeahweknowyoucantignorethemsojusttrytotolerateit.....did we mention the game looks good....?"

Agreed. I have even seen people say 'well the battle system isn't the main point of the game anyway' to excuse the battle system.


I did not grow up with the "shittier" console, at least Sega didn't stupidly censor their own games for no reason like Nintendo did(no surprise Sega's version of Mortal Kombat far outsold the SNES one) they were arrogant but they could back up their claims at least and they forced Nintendo not to get lazy and complacent like they are now and have been for a long time.

It looks like you are saying that the Genesis has a superior library to the SNES?

Ninten... Nintendo, please. Please. Just... just-just look at this picture for a moment, okay?


This is a level up system. It rewards players with increasing power and diversity of moves as they progress through the game and fight more and more dangerous enemies on a rising difficulty curve, and is considered one of the most integral parts of an RPG whether or not you offer the player a choice of which stats to focus on developing as seen here. Without this level up system, all battles against minor enemies become completely, absolutely pointless and nothing more than time-wasting annoyances draining your resources before the next boss.

Sorry if I sound condescending. I'm just worried that you might have stuck a coathanger in your brain when no one was looking, or stolen Square-Enix's crazy pills. Or both.

Hey, I was not seriously accusing there, was just a joke hypothetical. I mean, did anyone really think that was a plausible possibility? *Tumbleweeds overpower and smother me*

So Nintendo went vampire with a paper game. Does that count as trying?

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