Judging By The Cover: Judging Super Mario Land

Judging Super Mario Land

Judging Super Mario Land by the cover.

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I too wondered about the sunken cheeks on the floating rock. Wtf?

It's actually a Chinese vampire, not a Chinese Zombie.

I liked that reference to Birdo.
That & I thought that rock was Kirby (minus feet) with its hands pressed against its face in shock over seeing at least 2 Red Marios. (And no Green Mario)

Huh. I didn't see this on the main page yesterday, but oh well.
The Mario in the plane is pissed off at the Minion in the plane ahead of him for flying to close, presenting a danger in the sky.
And I still like the minions!

I'm pretty sure that's a Chinese Vampire.

I think the rock is upside-down.

xD this is so funny xD


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