Razer Deathadder Elite Review - A Great All-Around Gaming Mouse

Razer Deathadder Elite Review - A Great All-Around Gaming Mouse

The latest Razer DeathAdder may also be the best one yet.

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The software was an issue for me with the death adder. Maybe it just didn't play well with Vista, but I didn't want another razer product after messing with it enough. My other issue with it is an issue I have had across multiple products from various companies and that's the rubber turning sticky. I've had a keyboard with a built-in arm rest go sticky, a death adder mouse and a steel series mouse. I now actively try to avoid any peripherals with rubber on them because the products themselves functioned absolutely fine, but the stickiness was unbearable.

""Gaming" Mouse"?
Hang on, let me type up my thoughts on the subject using the Xbox Keyboard.

This sounds perfect for me. Gaming mice need five buttons, maximum. All the extra buttons do is just get in the way. I do not need to switch DPI on the fly. I do not need macro buttons. I just want the three buttons on top, and two on the left side.

Having owned 3 Dethadders (latest one the Chroma version) I'd say that they've all been superb mice. No frills, no issues except one died after 5 years of good use (my fault because I fucked it up cleaning it and putting it back together). If anything I could complain about is the razer software suite has a shit loading time on boot.
But the Chroma is quite nice, with some software perks like it learning the mousepad. DPI is excellent, the buttons all click well and don't overclick, an issue I've had with previous Logitech mice. Actually all my peripherals (kb/mouse) are razer and the cloud profile is a nice feature as well, not necessary but convenient.
Overall price-for-performance is perfect.

I am enjoying my Razer Naga 2014 mouse with 12 buttons on the thumb side.

Sad that the Right Mouse Button double clicks.

I hate the fact that no mouse these days have durable buttons.

The DeathAdder is my favorite mouse from an ergonomic standpoint (big fuckin' hands) but I've owned three and not one of them has lasted longer than a year. Two of them developed a habit of double clicking on a single click and the other had a free-spinning wheel that did nothing. I love the design of the mouse, but I wouldn't buy a Razer product again.


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