8 Great PS4 Games to Give on Christmas

8 Great PS4 Games to Give on Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching! Now is your time to pick up those great game ideas for your PS4. Here's our list of eight picks we'd like under our tree!

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Well I am interested in getting a PS4 for christmas so lets see what this list has to offer.

Titanfall2 = Well, I was kinda avoiding the first because EA, It was only on XboxOne which I once against, The PC version would require me to install Origin which I'm also very much against, My old laptop was too weak, and it seemed to not have much content. Not sure if I wanna change my mind but I heard they at least improved on all those things I had trouble with (aside from you know, EA and Origin). So I'll think about it.

Killing Floor 2 = Alright, I'll add that since I loved the first game even if I mainly bought it because they got the TF2 Pyro in it. Just wasn't thinking about for a while since it was on Early Access for a while and it was a high-end PC exclusive at a time when my old laptop wasn't prepared for those games. Guess this might be a good time for it, just hope they're will be people paying since being mainly a Horde Mode-style game, It'll kill me fast if I'm playing alone.

Watch Dogs 2 = Another one I wasn't thinking about due to the first game's hype backlash. Hell, I talked with my friends about it and they said it's only slightly better than the first one and that it still doesnt have the things promised from the first game's trailers like the car physics.

The Last Guardian = As much as I'm glad this is finally getting released, I wanna wait until it actually comes out since it could be disappoint like No Man's Sky did. You never know, but I do hope I'm wrong.

Battlefield 1 = Yeah I'm iffy towards this not just because EA, But recalling all the backlash from BF4, Hardline, and Star Wars Battlefront, anything that would help allieviate that guys?

Dishonored 2 = I'll get back to you when I finished the first game and all of it's DLC like the developers want me to do.

Kingdom Hearts HD II.8 = Yeah like SAO, I've had too much trouble getting into Kingdom Hearts to even care about trying to get back into the series. Hard to tell if anything will change my mind about that.

Final Fantasy XV = This one any good? I say that because I know there have been some Final Fantasy games that haven't been well liked. Examples being X, VIII, and especially friggin XIII(why'd they make 3 of them again?). My thing is that if this ain't any good, I'll either try 7 again, the 4th, the 6th one, or just stick with Dragon Quest.

Until then, the five PS4 games I'm interested in are still....
Uncharted 4 : A Thiefs End
Attack On Titan
God Eater 2 Rage Burst
King Of Fighters XIV
Dragon Quest Builders

yo snippity

I have to ask, seeing your list of games that you are inerested in, are you by chance...


yo snippity

I have to ask, seeing your list of games that you are inerested in, are you by chance...

Wasn't sure what you were talking about until I noticed that was a weird spoiler tag that I wasn't used to.

But yeah, I'm likely gonna get this game since I liked the previous 2 games even if never beat any of them. The 3rd game because friends were telling me to play the 4th one instead, and the 4th game not just because it loves to kick my ass just when I'm about to start enjoying it, but I got a bit stressful when the game tells me to save this character before a certain day or else you get this extremely depressing game over screen.

While I do know a few spoilers from both titles, I still might come back to the 4th one at some point, either when I got alot more free time or when maybe Atlus remasters the Vita port on either PS4 or Steam which could happen since Atlus loves P4 almost as much as SquareEnix loves FFVII.

Bu...buuu... Transistor? It's an exclusive AND it's already out, by quite a while longer than most of these multi-platform games. Then there is The Last of Us Remastered (rolls very nicely off the mind-tongue btw), which is still surprisingly pretty, considering its' age and intended platform.

Say whaaa?? No Bloodborne?! Heresy! Destroy the imposter!


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