#164: Desperation

#164: Desperation

The evil monologue continues.

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Yaaaayyyyy!!!! You're back!

Yaaaayyyyy!!!! You're back!

Sound the bugles!

I missed reading these!

The Wooster:
The evil monologue continues.

I don't miss reading these.

Just saving this hear for later.


Those are some damn impressively evil eyes and expressions!

The saga continues!

Sweet baby Jebus! Welcome back.

I was starting to wonder if this comic was dead. Glad to see it finally come back.
That being said, the events in this one hit really close to home for me, and not in a good way.

Put that speech in floating up yellow letters, add epic orchestral music.. there you go your missing Rogue One title text crawl...

Ah so the crystals are not sparing us the villainous monologue.

Good to see you back!

Hooray! You guys are back! How we missed you.
And what the crystal is making Erin say brings to mind what Adam Jensen said in Deus Ex: Human Revolution*: "If you want to make enemies, try to change something." That line resonates with me because throughout history, you see people, nations, and empires become enemies because one group wants to change something that another would like to keep the same. Whether the cause is good or bad.

*I found out later that line came from Woodrow Wilson, but one of the trailers for DE:HR was the first place I heard it.


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