Good Bad Flicks: The Devastator

For some odd reason I want to believe Machete movies starring Danny Trejo are prequels to Machete Maidens Unleashed.

Contact hiiiiiigh!
Maybe they had a sequel planned with that as the title ;)

I wonder why they went with marijuana as the drug lords cornerstone. If it were cocaine or opiates, at least that would explain the justification for a private army. But the weed does explain why they only had 2 bikes and 1 jeep, vehicles are expensive.

poor Ox, seemed like a fun guy

never heard of it. but looks like its not really my kind of thing either. even i like action. but this one just didnt do anything for me.

Why does Carey look like the villain from Space Mutiny?

Also, my God that looks like such an 80s movie.


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