VirZOOM - Real Exercise in Virtual Reality

VirZOOM - Real Exercise in Virtual Reality

The VirZoom virtual reality exercise bike syncs with VR headsets to use interactive entertainment to encourage exercise while distracting from it. The question is, is it worth it?

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If you had played some other VR games you'd already know that plenty of VR games feel like exercise and make you break a sweat, without needing a fancy treadmill hardware. Simply out of the fact that you are moving around a lot.

Space Pirate Trainer and Thrill of the Fight are two of the more intense games that come to mind.

i'd be satisfied with a boxing game cross-platform. I have the full PSVR suite complete with 2 motion controls. It's no Vive but it does the job for far far cheaper. So, controls in hand, I'd box my way to a championship and a rock hard bod and enjoy every minute.

Still not on board with VR. About the only use I see is it will let you instinctively look around the cockpit in a racing/flying game.

I think it is a fad, just like 3D.


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