Judging By The Cover: Judging Bad Street Brawler

Judging Bad Street Brawler

Judging Bad Street Brawler by the cover.

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Anyone else find themselves thinking of the Joy Mutants from Lisa: The Painful RPG when they saw the "Bop'n'Rumble" cover?

One title is even better than the next!
How will we ever come to an agreement which takes the cake?! :O

The Power Glove: it was so bad.
Oh, snap! Yahtzee just called out the Tumblr crowd!

I played this one, back in the days of the Commodore 64. It was seriously goofy. But mostly in a good way.

Why did I get to a judging by the cover vid by clicking the link "Yahtzee streams every Wednesday after ZP" under the 'Hitman' ZP review? Is this really what they mean with the title of that link?

The bloke getting punched looks a bit more like Sam Neill.


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