8 Animated Movies on Netflix to Watch Right Now

8 Animated Movies on Netflix to Watch Right Now

Here are eight great animated movies you can watch on Netflix right now.

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Road to El Dorado is not on this list. For this heinous crime, the list is denounced forever more

Already watched Fantasia, Zootopia, Lilo & Stitch and Emperor's New Groove on Netflix.

I dislike the Justice League.

No interest in most of the CG movies.

Netflix has a pretty lousy collection of movies.

1: Good
2: Never seen
3: Average, but still enjoyable
4: Never seen
5: Never seen
6: Good, if not excellent (haven't seen this since I was a toddler)
7: Good
8: Excellent

I threw up in my mouth a little when I saw Hotel Transylvania 2 next to Fantasia. Fantasia is deservedly a classic that should be watched by absolutely anyone that: (1) likes movies; (2) likes music; (3) likes animation; or (4) has a soul. Yes, Hotel Transylvania 2 is an animated movie and technically you can watch it on Netflix, but unless you're under the age of six, why would you? Zootopia is cool, though.

If Patema Inverted is still available on Netflix, watch that instead of HT2. I had never heard of it until I stumbled across it on a long flight and really enjoyed it.


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