8 Fictional Foods We Would Totally Eat

8 Fictional Foods We Would Totally Eat

Did you ever watch a movie or show and wonder - I wonder what that tastes like?

We did and came up with 8 fictional meals that we wish were real.

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Both Duff and Cheesy Poofs were released (mostly as a gimmick but still). The Duff tasted like Budweiser and the cheesy poofs were just knockoff puffy Cheetos.


Remy's Ratatouille - Ratatouille

Sure, it's made by a rat, but damn that rat can cook! After all, the restaurant where he makes the infamous dish is packed when word of mouth spreads of how delicious it is. The French are notorious for being excellent cooks, and a snobbish pride to match. If they enjoy it that much, it must be good.

How is Ratatouille (specifically, the Confit Byaldi variation) a fictional food?

You can actually buy Butterbeer at Universal Studios in their Harry Potter section. It's nonalcoholic, though.

Well, I know what fictional food I'm interested in that's not on this list.

That fruit from Sliders which tastes like the food you are thinking about sounds awesome.

A good part of that isn't fictional at all. Some of it is released to the public, in two cases we just don't know the EXACT recipe.
And personally, I wouldn't want to eat ANY of these, to be honest.

DUFFMAAAAN approves this article

Blue milk from Star Wars.
My friend's mother made something similar to it for our road trip. Turns out it's blueberry, milk and honey blended together.

Bachelor Chow from Futurama... perfect for lazy slobs like me!


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