8 VR Games to Look Forward To

8 VR Games to Look Forward To

Here are eight games that those who buy VR headsets can look forward to.

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No mention of Ace Combat 7. I guess I'm just used to it at this point.

Granted, I'm not really looking forward to it for the VR. I'm looking forward to Skies Unknown for the fact that it's a return trip to Osea. Wonder if there's going to be anything new in Oured since I was last there, shooting down the Strategic Orbital Linear Gun...

You do realize that movement with VR, especially strafing and complex movement, usually those that are associated with first person shooters, that sort of movement? That is what causes massive bouts of vomiting and motion sickness with VR.

Fallout and Serious Sam would be the last games to look forward to. Unless you're looking forward to examining the inside of your toilet bowl, possibly with or without that heavy VR thing hanging off your head.

That might actually be a bad VR game some hack will make, Vomiting Simulator.

I find it funny seeing Batman Arkham VR on there when I previously saw it bashed by Yahtzee and later becoming his 2nd most hated game of 2016.


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