Which Overwatch Hero Are You? Part 1

Which Overwatch Hero Are You? Part 1

Try our quiz and find out which Overwatch Hero you should be.

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Eh, got Pharah. Was kinda hoping I'd get 76, though. *insert joke about being a boring Charlie Oscar Delta fanboy* I'll have you understand, though, that I think the first Modern Warfare is the best CoD game ever made.

I'm still pissed about MW Remastered not being a standalone game...

Got Mercy. Which is odd, because the last time I took an Overwatch personality quiz, I got McCree.

Got Reinhardt, not a bad result. Now to go get the rest of them... later.

Sweet! I got D.Va.

Awesome quize, got the Tracer result!


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I've no idea how. Doesn't matter. So much reading.

Caramel Frappe:

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Sounds about my playstyle when I go aggressive. Also dat "Justice rains from above!" is very catchy lmao.
Ah, good to see this up and running! Thank you once again guys for publishing this! Hope everyone enjoys it as well :)

Hey, got the same thing I did :D

Loved the quiz man and thanks again for setting this up, you rock! <3

...Widowmaker? But I'm a Support main! And I suck at sniping, too (PS4 user)!

Right, time to go back and take it again until I get Mercy or something.

EDIT: There we go, got her on the first retry.


Played for and got! Now to give my actual answers and see what I get...



Just amazed to see a quiz at all

Just amazed to see a quiz at all

Check the year on most of the posts.

Got Bastion. I don't mind that, I often spend time in a corner mowing everyone down with a mini gun, so we have a lot in common. Would of preferred D.Va as I love her....I mean play a lot of video games and have an exploding mech suit.

Your quiz just called me a "hanzo main"
I'm not sure what that means, but it's phrased like an insult.


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