Judging By The Cover: Judging Defender of the Crown

Judging Defender of the Crown

Judging Defender of the Crown by the cover.

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So your "disclaimer" aside, after all your evidence: this IS a porn game!
And you are reviewing it on this kids-friendly website!
Not cool bro!

For a second there I thought the picture of the designer was Michael Palin in Holly Grail.

No attempt at humor this week; I'm quite tired :(
So just a thank you for yet another fun episode to start the weekend!!! :)

You had me at "Wahey, lads!"

Oh joy, another ramble off of probably crappy content! I can't wait to watch Yahtzee tear into it like a starving lion into a zebra, or a clearer example, a memer tearing into a fandom they know nothing about


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