8 of the Worst Kind of Players in Multiplayer

8 of the Worst Kind of Players in Multiplayer

Here are 8 different types of the worst kind of players you'll encounter in a multi-player game

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#8: Seriously, f#*k this player. They usually so bad at the game

Whoops! Might wanna fix that up my man~ Also, #3 is a bit of an oddball for me... Sometimes I'd rather not announce how new I am to a game so I don't have to deal with folk, or put myself into the spotlight as such. Granted, when it comes to games with multiplayer, I try to at least get good in the single player or training modes before diving into multiplayer so I at least know a little bit of what I'm doing. For example, I cleared all of Fast RMX' main mode (But not Hero mode) before going into online. It's a bit one sided in a lot of matches, but some still outdo me quite easily despite the practice

In other words, every player.

Don't forget the super good, super friendly player who everyone likes and listens to and can lead his team to victory, who also always happens to be on the other team.

P.S. Thanks

#9: The 'I Still Have Dial-Up' Player:
You know the type. The fuckers with net so bad they seem to either be standing still or moving like a slideshow.
Plus they LOVE to accuse you of cheating because you 'teleport' around the map.

#9: The 'I Still Have Dial-Up' Player.

I don't have dial up, but I do have 3G wireless. Which is somewhere between dialup and actual broadband. It's good enough to solo play most online games, but the second I try anything competitive, then yes, everyone else is a teleporting cheater ;)

I object to the image used for #8.

Bumping and generally annoying the other person on the couch is not cheating. It is an age-old honored bonding ritual that is an integral part of the sadly ever diminishing couch multiplayer experience.

Try the game Istaria, and you'll come across none of those types. And, as a bonus, you get to fly about as a dragon...

You forgot the motherfucking AFKer. That bastard is a right tosser.

You missed the pro.

Someone who insists they are a specialist in some nieche, borderline useless weapon or charecter and only uses that, throwing then game as the team competes with a man down.

Im looking at you, pro widowmaker, who finishes ever match with 3 kills, no deaths as you sat out the entire match missing long ranged shot.

Where's the option dedicated to just me, when I'm playing Rocket League?

Um, there's nothing wrong with teabagging. I'd replace it with the Drama King/Queen. Some people are so much larger than life they must make themselves known even to some strangers on the internet.

It probably falls under Griefer but the Team Killing Fucktard deserves their own spot. How absolutely depressing and pathetic someone's life must be that they enjoy wasting their own time ruining everyone elses enjoyment like that...

The Stoner! Wanna know if another player is currently getting high? Wait about five seconds and you'll inevitably hear about it. The stoner can't stop talking about how high they are. The stoner makes sure to have the microphone as close to the bong as possible so that everyone is sure to hear the bubbling.

I gave up multiplayer games in the late 90's and never bother to team up or "raid" in mmo's.
I'm a singleplayer person through and through. Hell is other people..

This topic did give me an idea to pitch as a valid option for your next thread:
8 of the worst kinds of posters on a forum!

It probably falls under Griefer but the Team Killing Fucktard deserves their own spot. How absolutely depressing and pathetic someone's life must be that they enjoy wasting their own time ruining everyone elses enjoyment like that...

This! So much this! I remember when M.A.G. was a thing and I was playing. Our team kept trying to assault one of the other team's bunkers and kept getting chewed up by the mounted gun on it, as there were walls that forced us to go through a single opening to get near the thing. So, being smart and having a 50 cal sniper rifle which can actually damage the mounted gun, I hung back and started taking it out. Some fucktard on my own team kills me and tells me that I should "move up and attack", since that plan is obviously working so damn well. He did it again when I didn't comply with his wishes. I don't remember for certain, but I think I shot him in the head after respawning and logged out. Asshole really pissed me off and if those players wanted to keep pursuing a failing strategy, that was on them.


This topic did give me an idea to pitch as a valid option for your next thread:
8 of the worst kinds of posters on a forum!

Interesting idea, though close to home.

I submit Thread Necromancer for the list, along with the Troll and the Hijacker (someone who brings up a sensitive topic completely unrelated to the thread such as race, religion or class and attracts the ire of other posters, completely derailing the thread... though that may overlap with Troll, IDK).

My suggestion would be people who take the game way too seriously and care about winning more than having fun. I see it all the time in World of Tanks (why'd I get back into a game so toxic they removed the ability to talk to the other team?)

um just want to point out that there are sometimes when "the camper" is actually the guy saving your team aka a good sniper can lock down a control point for hours if they are good.

The Savant - that player who can get the most kills on any map only equipped with a pocketknife and a piece of string. Fun, and hilarious to witness this person in action, absolutely terrible to be playing either with or against. This is a friend of mine. I used to buy military shooters just to listen to other players' mics after he racked up top killcount every time regardless of weapon.

The Guy That Lures You Into A Co-Op Game Then Kills You Because I Don't Know Why

Clogging up the chat channel with unnecessary chatter is a problem I face often in Destiny.

Calling your deaths BS, and explaining in depth why you think so. Makes the team unable to effectively communicate where the opponent is on the map. I personally don't get upset with t-bagging. And doing so can take the fun and immersion out of the game with a personal grudge. Which for me, could lead to a loss instead of a win.

Bugger le off, I'm always the quiet newcomer, because I don't have/use a headset and prefer to communicate through the medium of dance. And I never play anything enough to be pro at. So if you see me, best to kick me and save yourself a lot of grief. :p

What about those who only eat crisps over the microphone as unidentified distored music plays while their unfed, attention-starved shits cry in the background? Why do they use the mic if that's all they have to say? Feed your fucking kids or lock them in the basement, I don't care, just stop broadcasting their suffering as you tease them with your gluttonous behaviour.

For me it's griefers, which is my biggest gripe about the Dark Souls series(2 in particular). Though it is amusing to see the griefers/invaders cry when the game seems unfair(getting matched 3:1 in favor of the invaded).


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