8 Annoying Game Trends

8 Annoying Game Trends

Here are eight trends that are as annoying as they are common.

Are there other trends that annoy you? Let us know in the comments section!

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Well, shit...a 'Top 8' list that I can't find anything wrong with.

Good job!

For all these things the modern "AAA" industry can go fuck itself.

The appearance of Free To Play mechanics in paid for games.

Buy $60 game, now play for a million billion hours as the content unlocks drip drip drip, then find the unlocks are only level 1 and you'll have to unlock them multiple times, in the single player.

Yes Andromeda I'm looking at you...

Games releasing on Uplay and Origin instead of Steam or GOG, it's such a pain in the backside since we already have digital distribution platforms that are far superior to Uplay and Origin.

Oh God Yes! It's very rare I buy any triple A games at all because of this bullshit.

What else? Oh yeah, no extra control options for games with motion controls (especially shitty motion controls), taking classic games/franchises and turning them into 'free to play' games or abusing them another way, and making games 'episodic'.

Can't agree with the "no exclusives" part. Just looking at the average quality between exclusives and non exclusives shows that it only does good for the industry as a whole.

Well, shit...a 'Top 8' list that I can't find anything wrong with.

Good job!

Right?! This is a legit and solid list, and I agree with all of them. One hiccup I have is if they're in order of most grievous to least grievous, I think 'patch later' should be higher up. That's really un-fucking-forgivable to me. 'cause its already part of misleading advertising and now adds stealing. They're advertising a full game! And selling you at fulll game price!

That's like if you buy a brand new car for $40,000 and then learn the engine comes in next week, the tires next month, and depending how well the accessories sell, maybe we'll have enough to get around to the brake lines.

More gripes:

Unskippable videos, especially the ones when the game first starts. I can't count how many games that I've had to dig through, figure out which file is that stupid video, and delete it, so I won't have to wait. I already bought your stupid video card, Nvidia: I don't want to see your unskippable ads anymore.

The "Press whatever to start" messages. I'm at home, I'm not in an arcade. I'm wondering if it's going to ask me to insert quarters, but there's DLC for that. Speaking of, sometimes I see "scanning for DLC", even when the game first comes out, and I haven't even started playing it!

Just give me the menu immediately, so I can get on with some fun.

I agree with every singly thing on this list... surprised micro-transactions didn't make the cut though.

I agree with every singly thing on this list... surprised micro-transactions didn't make the cut though.

You could probably toss it in the overpriced DLC one. They usually would qualify as such, since the marketing geniuses apparently missed the part of the concept where the idea is to get a pile of small payouts that don't seem like a huge amount. Not literally charge the cost of a game for a skin or whatever.

Also the annual releases for the sports game are pretty unnecessary. Stat updates are full on just handled by patches. Roster additions could easily be done as fairly minor DLC. Hell, you'd hae a more varied game potentially where you could pit a 2012 team vs a 2016 team in a fantasy scenario. Granted, half of that is probably issues with all the licensing involved with personal brands, team brands, league brands, sponsor brands and whatall else.


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