Good Bad Flicks: Death Ship

"cat inside another cat"


I now feel bad for liking Ghost Ship. I know it wasn't a good movie. But I thought it was interesting.

I also liked Thir3en Ghost (2001).

Does it need to be on more radars, or more sonars? ;)

The piston joke has me laughing out loud.
"Hey, I know what I can use this clip for!"

I don't like it when critical content is cut from a movie. Seems the only reason studios do it is because they want a shorter movie, the narrative be damned.

1:20 BREATHE! There is a such thing as too much tongue and I think these people have well passed the point.

"cat inside another cat"


How cool is that... (doesn't work as well if you're not singing it!)

I was confused with this video until I realized I mistook Death Ship with Ghost Ship (no Nazis in the later).


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