Logitech G413 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review - Affordably Aluminum

Logitech G413 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review - Affordably Aluminum

Logitech's newest mechanical keyboard looks to pack in premium features while keeping the price under $100.

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was thinking of getting it, but no store in my town were selling them. so instead i got my self the orion 810. which was on special. now i can also see why mechanical keyboards are so special. it is a huge difference compared to the standard ones. the only bad thing is, that they are very loud while typing. the good thing is, that playing games is a bit smoother.

Thank you for the review! This keyboard appears to be rather sturdy and I like the clean presentation. I may look into this one as I dearly miss a clean mechanical keyboard for my typing comfort at home. I am currently using an ergo keyboard which allows for more chair time but it lacks the clean stroke mechanics.

At work I switched to what was available so I grabbed a spare Apple keyboard, a lot nicer vs those squishy poor keystroke dell keyboards ugh.

Nice review, I've been in the market for a decent upgrade for a while now, as I relegated my last mechanical purchase to office use (where I do a lot more typing). This looks fairly decent though, and a fair bit quieter than the Blue switches which are basically too loud for home use (my study is kinda open to the living room, so disturbs whoever's watching TV at the time).

I am on my second Logitech K70 RGB and both keyboards after a year developed a problematic double and triple-press that no amount of software tinkering or cleaning could prevent or fix.


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