The Escapist Puzzle Adventure Redux

Argh! Why didn't I read this thread before doing the quiz. That's obviously the reason I got such a low score...

Yes, I deliberately put a zero on the scoreboard.

Mainly because I wanted it to accurately reflect my degree of interest in the quiz itself.

What is this, a word search for ants?

Caramel Frappe:

What is this, a word search for ants?

I do have to apologize about that- and if you're willing to retake the quiz, i've posted bigger versions of the pictures within this thread to help you out. Again I am sorry about that, the pictures were meant to be bigger within the quiz but it didn't work out that way..

It's alright Frappe, we forgive ya.

Nice Zoolander quote McMarbles. Had me giggle.

3/10. acceptable, I have not played 75% of the games that were possible answers.

Some of these clues made no damn sense. Also the music sheet clue was the same for both both music clues yet the games listed were different.

A new quiz? MADNESS!

Also: Note reading? Wha?!?

Was confident in my answer for one question.

Got... 7/10.

...I'll take it.

Only 5/10...

I got the musical note image when I should apparently have got a word search, forcing me to guess so I'd like an extra mark to represent this!

So... 9 and 10 both showed the music notes image for me...


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