8 Great Stealth Games You Can Play on PC

8 Great Stealth Games You Can Play on PC

Since we heard today that there's supposedly a new Thief game in the works, let's take a look at eight great stealth games you can play on PC.

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There appears to be a formatting issue early in the article: You put a "[/a]" instead of a "[/i]" near the end of the Styx section.

Hey, this one is actually pretty good. Was getting a little worried when I hit nr 7 and still no Thief, but it turned out alright.

You'll spend most of your time in Alien: Isolation running away...

You'll spend most of your time in Alien: Isolation dying if you run away. ;)

I wouldn't mind seeing a futuristic take on Thief. Maybe cyberpunk style, maybe not.

im playing dishonored 2 at the moment, knocking out almost an entire level of guards and piled them away in a back alley, went to put the last guard there and realised there was a bloodfly swarm nearby and they had been eating and killing the guards..oops

I tried to like alien Isolation and I did... right up until the alien showed up.

The world is amazing, the atmosphere is spot on. I loved the creepy synthetics etc. I just came to the conclusion I was playing hide and seek with an unstoppable monster. I just didnt enjoy waiting in cupboards until the alien left. I stopped playing shortly after that.

As a huge fan of the Styx games...

Pass on the first. Jump right to the second.

The first game was fun, but it had a lot of rough edges (lots of bottlenecks, etc), and a final segment that doesn't really fit the rest of the game and is nearly impossible without a ton of resources (and the super tough final level requires a lot of resources to pull off).

The second game fixes everything and improves the hell out of it. There are very few actual level design bottlenecks, with levels full of possible angles of attack (and full of loot and crafting materials). Your options for solving a given problem are also massively expanded with not just the improved environment few key abilities you have, but also with a ton of items, most of them craftable in-level so you can replenish your stocks of them (Lockpicks, death darts, sickness darts, acid traps, etc etc).

I haven't played a stealth game that good since Thief 3. No exaggeration.


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