8 Video Game Sequels that We Want to Play Right Now

8 Video Game Sequels that We Want to Play Right Now

There are plenty of video game sequels out there, but no one seems to be making the ones we want, like these eight.

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No Prey 2? I was sure there'd have been a joke about that in there while it's still topical.

I agree with Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2 and Knights of the Old Republic 3 but I'm not at all sure that the game developers of today would do justice to them.
So many bad practices continuous to get used and make playing them more of a chore than fun.

Warcraft IV will probably never get made. It just wont live up to the hype and expectation.
Much like Half-Life 3 really.

Mercenaries and Rogue Squadron together on this list?

*sigh* Damn, why did you guys have to make me so sad today?...

1) I'd love a new Metroid game, but more on the sake of principle. Like the 2D ones more than the 3D ones, so with a Metroid Prime 4, I'd need to play the first trilogy (but I did play through Hunters, because I'm a masochist)

2) Similar, I'd need to play through Dead Space 2 and 3. Arguably this needs a sequel more, because with 'Metroid', storywise, there's little to do beyond 'Fusion', whereas Dead Space 3 ends on a cliffhanger.

3) No comment

4) Eh, don't particuarly see the need. I liked Rogue Squadron 1 & 2 (1 more than 2), but they're more games set in the Star Wars universe rather than carrying out a story of their own.

5) No comment

6) Never played the first, but liked the concept, so I'd be onboard with it. And hey, got Alan Wake 1 on Steam before it was taken down, so might as well play it one day.

7) Strongly doubt this will happen, like, ever. Doesn't help that I haven't played the previous TOR games, but I'd be behind this if it was released.

8) Short answer is "hell yes!" The longer answer is much longer, but, well, yes, I want Warcraft IV. :(

So, can't really disagree with anything on this list, but if I were to submit another eight, and confining it to unannounced sequels, I'd go:

1) Advance Wars 5 (come on, Fire Emblem got a revival, but Advance Wars hasn't got a new installment since Days of Ruin in 2008).

2) Command & Conquer (okay, it doesn't have to be a sequel, just a return to the series, but if we're playing the sequels game, make it something like Red Alert 4. Generals 2 was canceled, Tiberian Twilight was lacklustre, so maybe Red Alert is the way to go?)

3) Golden Sun 4 (come on, you revive an excellent duology for a third game that ends on a cliffhanger? Come on!)

4) Half-Life 3 (yeah yeah, I can dream. Heck, I'm not even that fond of Half-Life, but I'd like a sequel, if only for the memes it would produce/address)

5) Killzone 5 (probably going to get some snickers, but yes, I like the Killzone series, though I haven't played past 2 yet. I know everyone loves Horizon, but there's still room for more Killzone in the world)

6) Perfect Dark (okay, the concept for Perfect Dark Core was rediculous, even by the series's standards, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like a return to the setting)

7) Star Fox 5 (as in, not Zero, but a continuation from Command. Because lord knows that after Zero and Command, the series needs to get back on its feet)

8) Lost Vikings III/Blackthorne 2 (because I enjoyed Lost Vikings I, and if these get sequels, I get more characters in Heroes of the Storm. Cha-ching!)

...okay, kind of stretching things there, as there's some overlap with the original list. And speaking of overlap:


Warcraft IV will probably never get made. It just wont live up to the hype and expectation.

For what it's worth, there is some hope for Warcraft IV, or at least, more hope than there was a few years ago. We know that David Kim and Dustin Browder have been transferred to work on a new project within Blizzard, and while not necessarily Warcraft IV, or even an RTS, both do have experience in the RTS genre (both were the top dogs during SC2's development). It's a slim hope, but a hope (for me) nonetheless.

See, I enjoyed Dead Space 3. I liked playing the whole thing with a friend, and from a story standpoint, I can understand why it was more run-and-gun. I mean, Isaac's been one of the only people to tangle with those things twice now and walk away from it. It's a safe bet that he knows what he's doing now, and since he can tell a trained killer what to do, it makes sense that John could handle it as well.
But I totally understand why I'm in the minority opinion and why fans were not happy. Especially when we were killing humans first in that game. Oops there.
As for the story of it, I played the DLC that added a whole new ending, so I've been wondering where they could go with it for a while. I would like to see Isaac and John wake up on Earth, completely overrun with Necromorphs, and it becomes clear real fast that they--and thus you, the player--cannot trust what they're seeing, like what was happening at the end of the DLC there. And then, just as they're about to finally crack, you run into a group of survivors who have managed to stay not only alive, but sane as well. And that's because Lexine, the girl who seems to be immune to The Marker, is with this group. Not only that, but her child seems to be the key to maybe fighting off the Moons.
I don't know, I just kind of want all the characters to finally cross paths and wrap this story up, not end it with Earth being attacked.

Would love another Rogue Squadron game, but I'd be even happier with another X-Wing game.

I wonder with Vampire, if they would consider remaking the game, a proper remake. Modern engine, modern graphics, but keep the story the same.

I agree on Alan Wake and KOTOR. The others I am indifferent about.

I would want to see:

Shining Force: This was Fire Emblem with charisma I still play the 1993 game now.

Time Splitters: I have such good memories of playing this. Again, charm, humour, style. Ive not met anyone who has a bad thing to say about this game.

SILENT FUCKING HILL: There is only the teaser left on youtube of the cancelled sequel but the atmosphere is amazing. Cancelled as Konami no longer wants to make AAA titles.

Starwars Republic Commando: An awesome single player campaign as a special forces storm trooper. I felt this was.easily one of the strongest Starwars games evermde.

How about a sequel to Bully?


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