Judging By The Cover: Judging Forbidden Quest

Judging Forbidden Quest

Yahtzee judges Forbidden Quest by the cover.

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Wait, is there really a whole archive of 80's adventure games box art?

Looks like a preliminary sketch for a Vallejo painting.

"No stabby man friend!" I fucking died.

My first thought when I saw the box art was "tentacle hentai."

And here I thought 1980s games were primitive when they had to unload all the statistics on cards because it was too hard to code it to present those statistics in games. Apparently Forbidden Quest was a game where graphics itself was considered too advanced, so they gave you five cards with a printed scene on them to use as hints in your text adventure.

As the name of the company that made this game suggests, Pryority Software was not quite able to get their priorities right.


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