Platinum Games is Teasing a New, Wholly-Owned IP

Platinum Games is Teasing a New, Wholly-Owned IP


Platinum Games is now working on a new IP that it owns all the rights to, and it's got a new director as well.

Bayonetta dev Platinum Games is working on a new IP, according to producer Atsushi Inaba. According to a report from DualShockers, during a keynote address at BitSummit in Japan, Inaba revealed that the studio was now working on a "formless, shapeless IP" that he couldn't discuss any further. Also of interest was the fact that this new IP is apparently helmed by a new director, although he didn't mention any names.

Inaba had said at this event last year that Platinum Games was thinking about making a new IP, and this is apparently it. Of course, it's always worth pointing out that as an unannounced project, this new IP could be cancelled, changed, or simply never materialize.

Platinum has risen to prominence thanks to games like Bayonetta (recently released on PC) and Vanquish (coming soon to PC), as well as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, The Legend of Korra, and Star Fox Zero, just to name a few. Its most recent title of interest was Scalebound, which Microsoft canceled in January.

Could we see this new IP at E3? Possibly, but it sounds like it could be further out than that. We'll have to wait and see.


Does this mean Platinum might get into self-publishing? If so, that'd be wonderful.

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Unfortunately because Kamiya blocked everyone on twitter no one will know what the new game is.

Can't wait. I bet it's either gonna be a game like Scalebound that did not make it off the ground, or another action game.

I hope it's a game that's basically Not-Scalebound (That is to say Scalebound with a fake mustache). Also not Windows 10 exclusive. I'd play that, I'd play that hard.

But really, fairly interested in anything at the moment. They did good for NieR Automata so I'm fairly happy for them right now.

Not to bust everyone's bubble, but if they are in the early stages of conceptualization, we won't see anything substantial about this new IP for the next 2 or 3 years. Without exaggerating, I am guessing we will see it in the E3 for next decade.

lol I wouldn't say that The Legend of Korra and Star Fox Zero helped Platinum rise to prominence. The former was widely panned, while the latter received pretty mixed reviews. Seems odd that you'd mention those two games instead of Nier: Automata, which is Platinum's most recent title and is pretty widely praised, or even Wonderful 101.


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