Diablo Nostalgia Train Now Boarding, Platform Three

Diablo Nostalgia Train Now Boarding, Platform Three

Of all the games I have seen and played after all these years, the one dearest to my heart is still Diablo.

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BRB, sending this article to a Diablo crazy friend. Or should I say fiend?

Just re-release Diablo goddamnit! Prettied up for modern display standards but mostly the same game as it was. Or at the very least allow GoG to sell it in a form that will run on modern PCs.

Whenever I think of Diablo it's always to the soundtrack of REM's Out of Time album. I bought both game and album on the same day and so as such was experiencing them at the same time, and to this day I can't listen to songs like Low, Half a World Away or Country Feedback without immediately being transported back to sitting in my first flat, slogging my way through just one more level of the Catacombs instead of actually studying for my A-levels.

Uh-oh ... nostalgia overload incoming ...


Now what Diablo really needs is a new expansion. Reaper of Souls came out three years ago, and while they've added a ton of new content since then, I could stand to have some more of the old classes back. The Amazon, or the Druid are the first two to come to mind; the upcoming Necromancer seems neat as well.

Also, more story. What happened after the Soulstone was shattered? Where are the Evils now? Is Leah still in there somewhere?

Diablo III has long since been overdue for an expansion, and the Necromancer just seems like Blizzard trying to salvage some content from a canceled expansion.

Ehh, as much as I still like the original diablo, there are games that do it better now. Grim Dawn, Torchlight 2, Path of Exile.


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