8 Fallout 4 PS4 Console Mods That Are Actually Good

8 Fallout 4 PS4 Console Mods That Are Actually Good

There's a lot of quality Fallout 4 stuff floating around under the PS4 umbrella, and I delved into those awkward, strictly-chartered waters to find 8 console-only diamonds in the rough.

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A new...list?


Such a good idea that is unfortunately held back by corporate dickheads. Still, glad that it exists. I wonder how the FPS is though, I watched a friend play that misty DLC and the framerate was horrendous.

Does anybody know if that cheating mod fixes the glitch with Automatron DLC that makes it impossible to give the brain in a jar a new robot body? [1]

I'm stuck at that point, and any help continuing the story would be appreciated.

[1] (Huh - never thought I'd write a sentence like that)


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