The Escapist Presents: Film Festival: Glass Eye

Film Festival: Glass Eye

Games. Art. Games-as-art. An exploration into the controversy. Where will it end? Winner of an Escapist Film Festival Honorable Mention.

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It'll never end, and I'm glad it won't. We can always keep the discussion alive and produce excellent works of art as long as the issue is kept alive. "And so do these people!" I chuckled.

Hmm... not sure what to make of this one. Has legs, I think.

Good work and brilliant choice of inspiration. A Brass Eye take on the gaming world has so much potential. Just thoughts of a violence themed episode pop into my head. Here's hoping more appear.

I liked, it the brasseye-style humour was fairly sound and there were some really nice camera shots. I think once you got into your stride it would get better and better.

I enjoyed this and can see why it got an honourable mention.

I loved the part when he pointed at the map of Africa... made me think "KENYAN'S!"

Mhhh not really funny in my opinion. The reporting spoof was pretty well written and thought of, but overall it just really lacked a punch.

Definitely better than de-rez and Unskippable.

I loved this shizzle! Definitely worth preserving.


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