Doomsday Arcade: Episode Six

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Episode Six

I'm making a note here, Lund and Shanks triumph using hugely successful torture techniques (and cake) to discover the secret of the game character invasion.

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I love you.

Great episode...and I almost got sick myself...just watching the Portal stuff. *green face*

This was a triumph

Ok, no puns. This was brilliant, Scooby Doo slap stick, Reservoir Dogs and plain insanity. Already looking forward to next week.



I continue to be impressed with the comedic timing, acting and plot devices the creators use. This episode is no exception.

Well done!

Excellent Episode.
I'm liking these more and more.

This episode has that "It's so bad, it's good" quality. I love how they still don't understand what is going on being called monsters and killing machines. I must also be horrible because I've done that as well to a pack of lemmings. To be fair I did screw up with no way out for them to escape.

Great fun with portal, obviously fans of valve then...

Great as always, love the guitar playing at the end :P

I love this series!!

This episode is awesome and nice guitar'ing there ;D

The Casino Royale reference was nice! Really nice episode, especially with the Suited Companion Cube!

This series just goes from strength to strength: utterly spectacular!

I'd like them more without having to watch the lame march madness blurb for the 10th time.

Y'know I was having a pretty horrid day.. been sick.. had a midterm. But all while watching this I felt great.

The lemmings part was the best.. Oh if I could count the times I did that very same thing on the level "Not as difficult as it looks."

Oh god amazing!
Tis the highlight of my week. Loved it when he just kept appearing in places!
Eeeeeee Eeeeeeeeeee Eeeeee

Companion cube in a suit.

...Words do not describe how brilliant this is.

Holly shit! Nice eye explosion!


is there anyway i can get the theme tune?

the cake is a spy!

Awesome, Just...... awesome.

That was a great episode, absolutely insane. What else can I say? Looking forward to the next one.

Wonderful job again guys, this is mine and my buds' favorite thing here on the Escapist. On par with Yahtzee IMO. Keep it up!

BTW, what happened with Chell? As in, did her body ever go SPLAT? Hehe.

I'll show you the meaning of pain. *gets a dictionary out*

Great episode.

Pretty good, I liked her reaction to the cake and the Companion Cube.

I'd like them more without having to watch the lame march madness blurb for the 10th time.

Come on, it's not that bad, just wait 20 seconds.

Lund looks like he might be becoming a Valve fanboy himself, or maybe just a gameophile (I make word up). But I was expecting like a fireplace would be the end of the Companion Cube

Wow. It's so hard to overstate my satisfaction, guys.

Lmao, that was totally whiskers on kittens!

er.. I mean awesome, yes, awesome. When he was falling up and down out of the portals till he vomited, omg, I nearly busted a gut. Top notch episode as always.

These just get better and better...

Awesome work.

Valve rules ^^

Each new episode of this series continues to blow my mind. Some really great directing here. I like Superman 64 as a torture device.

ah mate that was the funniest shit i've seen in years, i was nearly crying! kudos guys that one was epic!

Perfection. This may even be the best episode yet, but they're all brilliant as the series goes from strength to strength.

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