Finding Faith With iPhone Gaming

Finding Faith With iPhone Gaming

The iPhone may cause more than one gamer's DS to gather dust.

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I agree completely. I've had a DS and a PSP which I sold shortly after purchasing them. I've found myself using it more and more, exactly as you've suggested!

I'm excited to see what future iphones (or other phones for that matter) allows- obviously with something insane like 6000 titles already available in the app store we might see some serious dedication to advancing the hardware specifically for running games.

Don't have an iPhone, but I've got a Touch. To be honest, I don't like the gaming, and without a credit card, I can only get the free games >>;; I'll take my DS over iPod/iPhone apps any day.

I'm right there with you, Adam. Fieldrunners and Edge are a couple recent favorites of mine, and I'm slowly making my way through Rolando as well. I would suggest you try a game called Eliss which is up for a couple awards at IGF Mobile. It makes better use of the iPhone's multitouch screen than pretty much any other game I've played.

Dang it, I was hoping for a Mirror's Edge game on the iPhone.... Oh well, it wouldn't have worked anyway.

I'm just short of banging my head regarding this. I don't mind the iPod Touch, but I find the iPhone utterly and inherently flawed. It beggars belief that such a device can take over the smartphone market, and it horrifies me to think of what this could mean for the market in general. I just can't support a phone which claims to be "smart", and yet has a UNIX which is utterly crippled, a control system which doesn't have any hardware buttons and ridiculously strict DRM.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm trying to keep my head from immediate concussion. I really cannot support a device which I see as the potential death-bringer to the truly clever smartphone.

RAK, all of this may be true... except for the fact that no other smart phone provider has come close to opening the doors as much as the iPhone has. Have you ever seen an app store before? Have you ever seen hundreds (possibly thousands) of developers building customer applications available for the masses (that are easy to install, I might add)? Have you ever played Assassins Creed on your Palm or Blackberry?

The iPhone is not perfect, you're right about that. It's riddled with flaws, glitches and bugs- like ALL technology today. The truth of the matter is, that even with it's flaws it's still superior to the competition; especially in terms of bringing gaming to a new platform in new ways.

Personally, I can only ever find time filler games on the App store. Which is a shame. But there's so many games that you can find one that will do.


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