EA has Merged Mass Effect Studio Bioware Montreal with EA Motive

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Ehh. Can't muster the strength to care about the fate of Bioware or one of their studios.

Wait, isn't EA meant to be the villain here?

Oh well. To answer people's questions, right now, there's two BioWare studios. One is BioWare Edmonton, the original studio, which is responsible for the original Mass Effect trilogy, Dragon Age, and now, Anthem. The other is BioWare Austin, which is responsible for Star Wars: The Old Republic. BioWare Montreal was created to assist with the multiplayer content of Mass Effect, but got handed the reigns of Andromeda, and now you see the results of that.

Course, I haven't played that many BioWare games, but it seems iffy to lay the blame solely at Montreal's feet. Some of it sure, given the hassles of the development process, but it was EA that forced them to use Frostbite, and EA who handed an IP to a studio that had only previously done multiplayer for said IP. The analogy that comes to mind is giving keys to your car and asking your kid to park it, only to crash it. Sure, it's the kid who does the crashing, but the parent shouldn't have given the keys to the kid in the first place.

Anyway, doubt we'll see Mass Effect come back for a long time, if ever, so, um, insert Mass Effect 3 Crucible activation music or something.

EA is pretty hands off so long as you do the following, you make your game profitable and on time. They won't give a shit if your game is the most offensive or inoffensive game in the world so long as you do both in the former. The moment the game severely underperform with the press moaning about it as added salt is when they have to step in and you get one last chance to do things correct and most of the time the response by the devs is to cut and run and let EA take the fall for killing another company, they know the gamers will blame the publisher

The problem the human resources side, EA doesn't offer an excellent labor pool and thanks to years of bad reputation it is hard to hire someone with skills. Combined with diversity hires this creates a recipe for disaster as the gaming audience loves to seek blood for anything the devs post. Thanks to the hands off policy as I mentioned earlier, it mean someone like Veer can get away posting racist tweets which only adds to the rage of the audience and create a desire to see the game flop as a form of karmic retribution.

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