Friday the 13th: The Game Has Sold 1.8 Million Copies, and a Physical Version is Coming in October

Friday the 13th: The Game Has Sold 1.8 Million Copies, and a Physical Version is Coming in October


Despite some early stumbles, Friday the 13th has now sold over 1.8 million copies, and there's a physical console release coming in October.

Friday the 13th has had a bit of a rocky road since launch. There have been server issues, bugs, glitches, and more plaguing the horror title, as well as the recent uproar when developer Illfonic revealed it new zombie game. But despite all of that, the game has seen commercial success. Publisher Gun Media and Illfonic have announced that the game has now sold over 1.8 million units across all platforms, and that there is a physical release of the console version in the works.

That physical edition will be available for PS4 and Xbox One in October, with the unsurprising release date of Friday, October 13. It will be priced at $40, and will include a "Bloody Jason" skin for a variants of Jason, as well as a clothing pack for all playable camp counselors.

Wes Keltner, head of Gun Media, acknowledged the game's early issues, but also expressed that the team plans to continue work on the game. "While things haven't been completely smooth we definitely feel confident moving forward. The team has grown and we are committed as we work to add more content, more kills, more to do and of course the single player component to the game," he said.

We've already seen some big patches and the addition of NES Jason as free DLC, and it sounds like there will be more content to look forward to, if the company's plans pan out.

Don't forget that if you're willing to put in the work, you too can kill Jason outright - here's how.


I am amazed at how successful this thing is. I wonder how many sales are directly from streamers who wanted to showcase how many flaws there are in it. No doubt the people behind Dead by Daylight are annoyed to realise that they were a license away from having to put in a quarter of the work and polish that they ended up doing to make their own game a success.


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