WIzards of the Coast Announces New Digital Game Magic: the Gathering Arena With Few Details

WIzards of the Coast Announces New Digital Game Magic: the Gathering Arena With Few Details

There's another digital Magic: the Gathering game in the works, and it's called Arena.

Back in June, Wizards of the Coast announced that it had partnered with Neverwinter developer Cryptic Studios to produce a Magic: the Gathering MMO. It also said that it had a number of other digital products in the works. Yesterday, it revealed the name - and not much else - about one of those other projects.

The game is titled Magic: the Gathering Arena, and unfortunately that is the only information Wizards has revealed to this point.

Wizards did say that it will reveal more information on the game, including how you can sign up for its closed beta, during a livestream that will run on its Twitch channel at 4 PM ET, and that there will be early demos and more at HASCON Sept. 8-10 in Providence, Rhode Island.

If you want to keep up with all of WotC's Magic Digital Next products, the company suggests signing up for a Wizards account on its website.


Recently I started playing the old MTG: Shandalar. It's a late 90's exploration RPG in a randomly generated world with random NPC battles and dungeons where the treasures are Magic cards and the battles are duels (and winning or losing the duel leads to obtaining or losing a card). It's pretty entertaining, and I found more engaging to use the deck I built with the cards I won and bought than using a story mode predefined decks like in most recent Magic videogames do. I hoped MTG: Arena would be more like Shandalar, but it seems doubtful.


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