High Schoolers Protest Call of Duty Dog Killing

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High Schoolers Protest Call of Duty Dog Killing


More than 100 students at the Academy of Notre Dame in Massachusetts have signed a petition protesting the killing of dogs in Call of Duty: World at War.

Breanna Lucci, a 19-year-old student at the Academy of Notre Dame High School in Tygnsboro, Massachusetts, was watching her older brother play Call of Duty: World at War when she saw something in the game that disgusted her: he killed a dog.

"My little 12-pound Pomeranian, Winnie the Pooh, is sitting next to him, and I'm thinking, 'This looks horrible!'" Lucci recalled. "My brother is a sweetheart. He won't be killing dogs after playing. But some people might."

Lucci's fear that "some people might" be driven to kill dogs because of Call of Duty has led her to start a petition protesting what she sees as the despicable acts portrayed in the game. "Killing dogs as a form of entertainment ... over and over again...That's one of the objects of the game," she said. "Parents need to know what they are buying their kids. Killing animals should not be a form of entertainment."

Lucci, who is the president of the school's animal rights club, pushed the petition throughout her school, and has gotten more than 100 classmates to sign their names. She hopes to eventually send it to Activision-Blizzard. Lucci has also won the support of school faculty, including the moderator of her club, Barbara Vitale, an English teacher who emphatically stated that "we don't think killing people is a good idea either."

Neither do we. See, in all the indignant uproar, Lucci and her supporters are missing one important thing: context. Killing dogs is indeed one part of the "form of entertainment" that World at War delivers, but the game is far from a puppy murder sim. These animals are trying to kill you, so maybe killing them back isn't such a horrible thing to do. If we could hug all these rabid canines into submission, we would, but sometimes a rifle's all you got.

Also, Winnie the Pooh is a bear. That's not a very good name for a dog.

[Via Kotaku]


Boo hoo. You see hundreds of virtual men being killed in the line of duty, based on real events, and they're getting heated up over a bunch of dogs?

Am I the only one disturbed that this girl looked past her brother shooting hundreds of humans and only saw the dog?


Barbara Vitale, an English teacher who emphatically stated that "we don't think killing people is a good idea either."

I found this line amusing.

Well you know what, after playing Animal Crossing I too experienced an insane urge to kill animals...

Am I the only one disturbed that this girl looked past her brother shooting hundreds of humans and only saw the dog?

You are not.

Keane Ng:
Also, Winnie the Pooh is a bear. That's not a very good name for a dog.

Keane, I wuv you.

On topic...do I really need to say anything really?
This is flat out silly.

Yes the human animal. Good thing they aren't important and so numerous. We need to thin their population so they don't starve!

This girl needs to get laid.

Good lord. Virtual dogs have died... never mind the virtual people, THE DOGS matter.

This girl needs to get laid.

I disagree.
She's going to be too busy being beaten upon to get laid.

This is stupid. If people decide, "OH MAN KILLING DOGS GIVES ME A BONER," they probably haven't played too many video games, they're probably just sociopaths or sadists or PETA members.

Come on now.

This is getting utterly ridiculous.

We should start a new organization that finds faults in their activities so we can prevent them from being entertained too.

"As I watched my brother play, I saw a section where you and your comrades were actually being tortured by Japanese soldiers. 'That's alright,' I thought, 'they did that all the time back then.' But then I saw this one part where a ravenous attack dog tried to kill the main guy, but instead of being able to feast on your jugular, the main character stabs the dog! Torture was in style once, killing a dog out of self defense never was."

I mean come on, that's just lame. That little 'context' thing you alluded to might come in handy some day for her. Also, about the dog's name, I agree completely.

"Killing animals should not be entertainment"

Erm, Hunting?

it's just a game. you'd think at 19 she would realize that.....then again it seems to be a past time of high schoolers these days to shoot up their schools

You're all missing one important factor, here: dogs are cuter than Nazis.

I wonder if she even knows that humans are also animals.

Oh, and this is just stupid.

Killing a trained attack dog in a game to survive. Wow. Maybe that English teacher sponsor should do a lecture on narrative context.

I don't see why it is such a big deal. 1. It is war. 2. They are trained to kill you. 3. There was dog killing in COD4 and 5. It is a video game, as in not real but fake.

I always feel kind of bad about the dogs in Fallout 3. No sympathy for the people in the Wasteland, of course. Even when nuking Megaton. But I don't like killing the dogs or Yao Guai if I can help it. (Animal Friend Perk FTW)

This is why the public school system should remove the political correctness class and replace it with the "don't be so fucking sensitive" class. Strange how she's so protective of dogs considering she's a PUSSY-cat.

Also, this girl is destined to join PETA, where she will never be heard from again (insert joke).

I swear some of the stupidest things can only come out of a person that went to high school.

EDIT: Thought it was Notre Dame the college. Not the high school.

i live in Atlanta
know why people dont sign potitions or protest places or anything like that?

these people are puthetic
(i cant spell for beans)

Soo, mass murder is okay?

AMEN! you must be jesus!

*if you we're offended by that reference to jesus, GROW A PAIR*

This is why we need to kill PETA.

Why is it that when someone is against something in a game, its always is either a major game play element or even the entire point of the game? I swear, everytime I hear an ignorant person say, "In this game, children are forced/subjected/encouraged to ____________(Insert subject in question here)____________", I really want to make a game that IS only that, for example (we'll use dog killing as the subject), this makes me want to make a game like this: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/99/274834992_da063a893a.jpg

*In addition, a question I'd like to ask this girl: So, It's cool to burn/murder/blow up/go on a mass genocide against other humans, but when you bring in animals, its go time?

Isn't it great when people have nothing better to do with their time and then go off protesting? What a joke.

This is almost as bad as people who complain about people feeding live mice to their snakes on YouTube.

Keane Ng:
pushed the petition throughout her school, and has gotten more than 100 classmates to sign their names.


Even petitions with hundreds of thousands of names change very little. Like this is going to do anything!

Next she's going to worry that you burn down trees.

I feel compelled to quote the creators of Tomb Raider, after they said that back in the days when they created the first one, all the enemies were animals, as they found that killing humans would be more despicable, but when it came to Anniversary, today people seem to find killing animals worse than other people... Hell, even I do!

On the other hand, I enjoyed cracking the neck of those pesky, annoying wild dogs in CoD4. First of all, they were a pain in the ass, second, they are -virtual-!

Could people just... please stop being offended by ridiculous things? Grow up, darn it..

some people just have too much time on their hands
are they gonna protest againts killing zombie nazi' aswel?

It's a shame that there are no competent adults around this girl to put things in perspective for her.

I love how she notices the DOG being killed but cares not about the people. Madness.

I'd love to be the person in Activision-Blizzard who recieves the letter just so I could be like "....we have more money than god, who cares"

Keane Ng:
Also, Winnie the Pooh is a bear. That's not a very good name for a dog.

Keane, have I ever told you how bloody awesome you are? :D

Anyway, OT, it just seems strange that it's apparently OK to kill humans, but not animals... I know with that comment I've been ninja'd about 30 squillion kajillion times, but it's true. Plus, I have a dog myself. A cute little puppy called Olly. My flatmate also had her family's dog in today, again a cute little thing (not sure what the name was). Basically, I love animals, yet I'd have no problem killing a dog on CoD4, especially if it's trying to kill me, so what the hell is this other girl's problem?

Who cares?

100 people who sign a fluffy little feel-good protest petition aren't the core demographic for the Call of Duty franchise and I highly doubt that their protests are going to sway her brother into giving up his dog-killing simulation, especially now that he knows it offends the shit out of his sister.

Congratulations, Breanna Lucci, the internet is laughing at you.

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