Pwning Noobs Helps Your Vision

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Knew that already heck my mother tells me about that every day. "Your vision is so precise/good/etc."
Isn't that from Jurassic Park 2?

Yeah at the end when ingen gets the trex into the city and it escapes the zoo after the ship crashes right into the harbor.

ps; I know the based on movement theory was debunked a long time ago, It was more of a joke.

For every person killed by a cause of videogames, because the evidence is [I]totally/[I] there, how many mailboxes and small children have they saved? Videogames should be mandatory in school.




Those of us that have been playing Team Fortress 2 and CoD4 have probably already seen the Tyrannosaurus coming up the street.

T-Rex? What about the cloaked spy behind it?

What about the sniper in the Ghillie suit about 4 and a quarter miles behind him?

What about the guy about to stab the guy in the Ghillie suit?

How about the guy about to stab him the guy about to stab the guy in the Ghillie suit?

See, Mom? Video games are good for me!

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