The Lighter Side of Resident Evil

The Lighter Side of Resident Evil


Need a smoke after holding off the African zombie hordes? Capcom may just have the answer.

With the latest episode in any big franchise comes the tie-ins, and thankfully this isn't a Chris Redfield cologne. Instead we're graced with the ultimate sign of devil-may-care manliness, a Zippo lighter.

If you're already pandering for this latest piece of Resident Evil merchandise, be warned, this lighter comes with a heavy price tag. 12,390 Yen to be precise, putting it at a mortifying $127.

You could perhaps let that fly if it had an Umbrella Corporation tag on it as well, but the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) just doesn't carry all that weight, as of yet.

Perhaps you'd be better with matches to burn those zombies.


lol, ok why would anyone buy this? 127!? Give humanity a little credit capcom jesus, i know flagarant brand whoring is a common thing in japan, a place where used panties have a public market, but this is kind of insulting.

The lighter side of RE, huh? I see what you did there...

I don't know why anyone would pay that much for a lighter, even a Zippo.

** SPURTS COFFEE** $127! How many packs of cigarettes could you buy for that kind of money?

I'm not playing £86 for THAT

$127 for a lighter?

And I thought Horse Armour was bad...

$127, in Canadian, right now, that's like $148 or something, anyone willing to buy that is insane. Unless it's a really, really good lighter, but I find that most merchandise with things stamped on it tend to break more often then cheap, no-name products.

I still think that BSAA is a terrible name that sounds too much like RIAA (Recording Industry Ass. Of America) and MPAA (Motion Picture Ass. Of America). What the BS stands for is anyone's guess...

Trust me you will be punished.

Seriously thoguh why the BSAA logo the predeseccors were more popular so Umbrella would be best. Maybe Tri-cell it doesn't seem plausible that a police type force would have branded lighters.

Wow, just wow...

You know what the sad things is? I know people that just might buy this. =-/

Dayum - I hope we get a copy of RE5 with that.

Dayum - I hope we get a copy of RE5 with that.

And some smack. That would help ease the pain of paying that much for a fucking lighter.

It's awesome looking but....god. $127? Why?

I'd rather go with the Umbrella Corp. logo myself, but...

127$ for a lighter?

..........interesting, I guess.

To all those stating that this should have had an Umbrella logo instead...

Is that seriously the only thing stopping you from paying $127 for a lighter? :O

I love RE5 and I would never buy this... unless it would save someones life or something

127$ in Canada thats like 135$, I"m not paying for a lighter! The fallout 3 statue was less than that Lighter!

A lighter? Pshaw! Now if they were selling us a flamethrower that would be a different story.

That is completely nuts....$127 for a Zippo......crazy....

But I'm sure, someone will buy it.

Wow... I got a RE Umbrella engraved Zippo like 5 years ago (perhaps 3) and it only cost me like $$20 NZD. Sure its a cheap knock off but really, its a lighter, it sets shit on fire and the engraving looked exactly the same as a official one would have. Who the smeg cares.

Lvl 64 Klutz:
The lighter side of RE, huh? I see what you did there...

I don't know why anyone would pay that much for a lighter, even a Zippo.

oh, thats funny, i was wondering why 127 dollars was a lighter side but i guess i was just a bit slow there.


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