New PSP2 Rumors Suggest Touchscreen

New PSP2 Rumors Suggest Touchscreen


The latest batch of rumors about the PSP2 corroborate what we last heard about the device ditching UMD and coming this year. But they also add a number of new tidbits about a pre-Christmas release, a touchscreen and more.

The newest rumors about Sony's fabled successor to its portable PlayStation paint a pretty vivid portrait of what might be the face of the PSP to come. This time around the information comes from Pocket Gamer, who spoke to a "developer working on the new hardware." According to this developer, the PSP2 will be released before Christmas this year, and will use make a number of drastic hardware changes to the machine.

Last we heard about the PSP2, Acclaim's David Perry was saying that he had it on good word from developer friends that the handheld would ditch the UMD in favor of delivering games solely through digital downloads. Pocket Gamer says that this is true, and that Sony's planning on distributing games entirely via the PlayStation Store.

Now, here's where the rumors get a little more interesting. Supposedly Sony's been spurred on by the success of the iPhone, and are designing the PSP2 with a large touchscreen. That screen will slide up to reveal the typical PlayStation face button, d-pad and two analog sticks, which should make PSP owners happy. Sounds a lot like some of the fan-made mockups that have been floating around the internet, maybe too much so.

This isn't the first time the idea of a touchscreen PSP has been tossed around, as IGN ran a similar rumor around the end of January earlier this year. I've got my doubts, as I think Sony wouldn't want to come off as so late to the touch-based party, but who knows. According to Pocket Gamer's source, we'll find out everything this E3.


Ugh not this crap again. I hope this is all another load of BS, I know Sony has made mistakes in the past but honestly....are they THAT retarded?! I certainly don't think so, this is just bad in every sense of the word. Terrible design choices, too soon, and should be reserved for the true next gen PSP. I don't want Sony to fail but if this is really true, I feel they will and all my enthusiasm for one of my favorite gaming systems will be entirely lost. I don't want my efforts of defending this hand held to be lost by one massive Sony fuck up.

Well, I hope they take the sweet time everyone else is making the next "awesome thing" because honestly I'm not really in a huge rush to pick this up, my original model PSP is still in perfect condition, and STILL more fun than any other mobile gaming device available. So I'd rather wait a little while longer, and have something not terrible.

Didn't buy the first one. Have no plans on buying this one.

That mockup looks pretty cool.
Honestly I wouldn't mind if they just upgraded it by swapping the screen for a touchscreen and adding a analog stick.
They wouldn't have the update the whole thing, but I'd buy it either way.


Meh, I've never had any interest in handhelds, not since my old DS.

Any time you take your inspiration from the iPhone, you need to step back and reconsider your business planning strategy.

Dear God, just give us a second analog stick, that's all we ask.

I wouldn't be surprised if the source of the notion that Sony is ditching UMD is derived from dev-only prototypes. I just can't see them letting go of UMD yet. I mean, even Mini-Discs are still around, so we all know Sony can keep formats alive well past what analysts (which is another word for, "person who doesn't know how to do what they report on") think is reasonable and still make plenty of money. I also doubt they want to abandon the portions of the market that don't have regular or speedy internet access, or a PC. They still exist, you know, and their money spends just like anyone else's.

No, 100% downloads is still a ways off, IMO. If you are a smart consumer, you should be hoping they never completely replace the notion of a physical item in your hands.


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