Necrovision Banned in Australia

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lol, just get it shipped in from here in new zealand. our reveiw board doesnt seem to exsist compared to the aussie one


Johnn Johnston:
Sounds like an adults-only tv channel.

I really, really, really, definitely do NOT want to see your kind of porn.

On-topic, not really unexpected from our classification board- they seem to make decisions on things without paying attention to precedent.

Not at all, small dev, game that isn't likely to bring in any decent "royalties" seems like a pretty soft target for them to hit.

Also once they have banned a whole lot of games nobody cares about like this it will be far easier to ban more popular games that people will care about, because they can use this as an example of criteria.

My bet is it's a calculated move to completely remove violence from those evil video games.
....How is it that Jack Thompson hasn't moved to SA?


Johnn Johnston:
Sounds like an adults-only tv channel.

I really, really, really, definitely do NOT want to see your kind of porn.


Good old Michael Atkinson. Saving us from ourselves... no matter how much we hate him.

I hadn't heard of it either... but I'm Australian so I probably wouldn't have even known about it had I not read it here because my government is hell bent on prohibiting me from having any kind of involvement in the decisions that affect my life.

*mutters something unintelligible about internet filters*

players can continue to hammer on them after they're dead.

Best not point out that can happen in the vast majority of video games lately.

Lord Krunk:
Necrovision? Never heard of it.

Doesn't stop me from hating the crap out of that Atkinson guy.

Agreed, it's the point of the matter.

We deserve to play this game (dammit!), we are a free and proud nation, not held back by petty fears (dammit!) and we will allow freedom to all (dammit!) not become a censoring un Patriotic nation (dammit!), this is Australia (dammit)!

I feel like the dammits could be placed in those spots depending on the level of rage.

But seriously, stab our classification board in the face with an axe with freedom carved on one side and free speech on the other.

BTw I will never stop going over the top. It's where I function.

For all of the discussion on piracy, this sort of illustrates in part why piracy is ultimatly nessicary. Simply put I do not believe in the right of the goverment to engage in censorship outside of Wartime (and then we're talking control of the media and such, not fantasy like video games). This includes any goverment whether it be the US, Australia, China, or Iran. I also extend it beyond goverments to believe in seriously limiting the abillity of private citizens to regulate/censor others even on privatly owned forums as long as they are communicating on topic (but this is going further and further afield).

Basically if the companies aren't going to fight goverments like Australia which seem to be trying to keep computer games purely in "kiddy" territory, then morally the only way to fight back against this is for the stuff that is banned to be sent in through backdoor channels like pirate sites. Companies in that case not even having the arguement of losing money because they weren't selling there anyway (fight for the market without compromising to censorship if you don't like it).

In general I have a LOT less problems with Aussie gamers than those from other nations with fairly strong gaming prescence, and with Australians in general since they rarely seem to engage in US bashing, but honestly their goverment is becoming an increasing mess.

Personally if it was up to me, I'd start being a putz and see if I could organize a campaign claiming the goverment doesn't like "Necrovision" because they are afraid people will notice the similarities between their practices and the Kaisers and be encouraged to resist. :P

Oh sure, it's total nonsense, but you can draw parallels between anything if you try hard enough. The trick to a bit of counter-harassment (even over a bad game) is to be persistant in pushing it, not defending it's inherant logic.


Ah, Australia. Best beaches in the world. Most oppressive iron grip on gamers it makes the UK look dandy.

The country's Classification Board has determined that the game's violence is too much for the MA15+ rating, the highest available to videogames in Australia, and has thus made it the first game of 2009 to be banned Down Under. The problem, according to GameSpot AU, lies with both the excessive and detailed damage that can be inflicted upon enemies as well as the fact that players can continue to hammer on them after they're dead.

"When the player shoots an enemy combatant, a large volume of blood spray results and the enemy may be dismembered or decapitated," the Classification Board said in a statement. "Injury detail is high with pieces of flesh seen flying from bodies when shot or a high level of wound detail visible on bodies. Post-mortem damage occurs when bodies are shot resulting in blood spray, dismemberment and decapitation."

That's why they banned it? Have they heard of ninja gaiden 2 by any chance? They ban this because dismemberment is based on a bit of chance when in ninja gaiden 2 dismemberment is certain, nay vital. We have to get an R rating over here.

Torrents & eBay don't exist in Australia?

The game may be "banned" in a particular location but that means effectively nothing nowadays.

Well if you unban the game, that would bring some more money in, even if its just 1 game sold, I think anyway. Just make a M18+ or something, not a big deal, escept to Micheal Atkinson, who seems to not have a brain in this matter.

Is Micheal Atkinson the equivilent to our Jack Thompson but with power and authority?

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