xkcd Book Coming This Summer

xkcd Book Coming This Summer


xkcd, the popular webcomic of "romance, sarcasm, math and language" will be making its first leap to the printed page in a book scheduled to come out in June.

The book is being published by breadpig, a company launched by reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. Ohanian said the working title is simply xkcd, although a subtitle like "a book of romance, sarcasm, math and language" may be added. The book will be sold exclusively through the xkcd website.

"It doesn't need to be in bookstores. I don't have hard numbers about this, but the impression I get is that the amount of eyeballs you get from being on the humor shelf at Barnes & Noble - it is almost insignificant," said xkcd creator Randall Munroe, explaining that he'd been contacted by conventional publishers about his webcomic. "The traditional model is they send us a royalty, and they handle getting it sold. We figure that most of our audience is people who know us from the internet - normal publishers weren't as interested."

The book will get an initial print run of 10,000 copies and is expected to sell for $19. "We never made any projection - 10,000 seems like a good run," Ohanian said, adding that this lack of research "is laughable from the perspective of anyone who knows the book industry. It's what makes sense." The book will include 150-200 comics as well as a forward and "red-ink commentary" on some of the strips by the author.

Munroe also suggested that copyright on the book would take its cue from the webcomic, which is licensed under Creative Commons, allowing users to copy and share the comics for non-commercial purposes. "To anyone who wants to photocopy, bind, and give a copy of the book to their loved one - more power to them," he said. "He/She will likely be disappointed that you're so cheap, though."

Source: NYTimes.com, via Boing Boing


May I just be the first to say, DO WANT!

I have one of the originals above my computer.

In fact, I might even buy 2.


Want so bad.... No UK release? :(

Oh god....thats going to be so awesome! I love that webcomic, and having it with me is going to be great! I can read it in school on free classes!

Exquisite :]

will buy it, it is a must have.

I've never heard of this, but this guy giving the finger to CP and book stores makes me interested.

that's awesome, i'll have to pick it up

This is so weird that I did my review of xkcd today and it's now going to be released in hardcopy. Absolutely be getting this, if anyone is interested in the review it's under Webcomic Review: xkcd in the forums.

Is it just a compilation?

oh yipee. I am still waiting for my Volume I of LFG to come in. I think UPS lost it somewhere around Uzbekistan.....

Want so bad.... No UK release? :(

It's ordered over the internet, so it will be released worldwide at the same time. Probably costs more for shipping overseas I guess.

Finally! I'll be sure to pick one up

This makes me so happy.

XKCD is one of the best written webcomics out there, with jokes ranging from hilarious to just plain brilliant.

I will proudly be buying this the second it comes out.

I don't see any alttext at the bottom of the page or something. There's an entire extra, and sometimes funnier, joke in the alt-text.

I may not end up buying it, but this is certainly interesting and doesn't seem like a bad idea.

I'm going to buy this right when it comes out. No doubt.

I still really want to know what XKCD means.....(I know it doesn't mean anything, but still.....the wonders of the X and the K and the C and the D could hold!!)

Me want funny book...

Ordering this as soon as possible, though I have to wonder about the alttexts as well. Quite often half the joke is there.

...The latest comic doesn't really need it, though. Plenty funny in and of itself.

Not sure how I'm going to get my hands on a copy, but not to fear. It shall be mine!!

I still really want to know what XKCD means.....(I know it doesn't mean anything, but still.....the wonders of the X and the K and the C and the D could hold!!)

It doesn't, its just a four letter word with no possible pronunciation (although I maintain I can do it).

That's neat. I'd definitely buy one if I see one in Canada...

Oooh. Must have. xkcd is genious.

Oh wow, I'd really like a copy of that. I think they'll be doing a second print run too, depending on how fast it sells out.

His attitude to creative commons is an interesting one. I agree with it entirely.


(and want Alt Text too! Wonder if he'll work that in somewhere, maybe in the endnotes or something?)

I'll grab this if it's long enough: xkcd has always been one to tickle my funny bone.


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