Suda51 Speaks

Suda51 Speaks


Auteur game designer Goichi Suda, better known as Suda51 talks about his design methods, the Unreal Engine and wrestling.

Suda51 does things differently than most game designers. His studio, Grasshopper Manufacturer, have made such games as Killer 7 and No More Heroes, strange, satirical and sharp-witted with always a trace of the zeitgeist about them. You can usually spot a Suda51 game a mile away, but if you've ever wondered how they take shape, you're in luck.

In an interview with GameSetWatch, Suda51 was asked about how he ensures that his games have the distinctive Grasshopper feel.

"It's not something that we deliberately set out to realize with each new project, although there's naturally going to be a lot of the development staff's own minds in any final product," he said, "If you asked me what I consider to be Grasshopper's most unique trait, it's that we create games not by crafting individual parts and building them up like blocks, but by first considering what sort of emotional response we want to get from the player. That's a big part of what makes a game Grasshopper-like, the message we try to send."

He was also asked about wrestling, saying: "I have to admit, I probably don't know much about more recent WWE stuff. The last guy I really followed was John Cena... It's a pretty different story in Japan. There are promotions that work in a similar way, but in Japan it's more of a pure contest to see who's the strongest or the most popular."

If you're interested in what else he had to say, you can read the full interview here.

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Insane man to be sure, but in a good way. Him and Tim Schaffer are about the 2 most original designers out there.

Killer 7 was a brilliant game and such an original one as well.


Well there you go. The full interview is interesting too. Its clear that he really has a passion for games and that helps towards the designing process.

Suda51 is a legend. His games have been a breath of fresh air for me.

Hes a pompous Fool. My farts make better games.

AND they do it in color.

He defies all logic......
And he's brilliant.

Insane man to be sure, but in a good way. Him and Tim Schaffer are about the 2 most original designers out there.

True, but don't forget Fumito Ueda.

He can talk?!??!?!?!?!


No More Heroes anymore! Wait, wrong one. Suda 51 = Japanese Tim Schaefer.

More like the Japanese Tim & Eric: something else that I really can't understand how it's so widely appreciated.

Maybe he should build his games from individual parts rather than just considering what emotional response he wasn't to get out of gamers. The only response he got out of me with NMH was anger... lot's of anger directed towards him for allowing that game on the shelves at the state it was in.

While admittedly having very little to do with the article, I must apologise for my repeated misreading of the headline as "Sudafed Speaks". Blasted allergies...

-- Steve


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