TIME Makes Everybody Lose "The Game"

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I never even heard of any of those people or "The Game". Oh well.

Second, am i out of the internet nerdy loop here? Ive never even been to 4chan, jesus christ internet fads suck.

Goddamnit I lost the game. Is it possible to lose the contest?





Be careful. They may attack with Shrodinger's Spoons!

This is probably the most spectacular thing I have seen in a good while.

I dislike 4Chan but this left me in awe. Well done everyone involved.
Something like this takes a good amount of effort to do.

Anyone that doesn't see the merit in this achievement is blinded by hatred towards 4Chan and consequently, /b/.

Well done.





(For the record, I've been enjoying playing The Contest lately. If you think about The Contest, you win!)

This is awesome! Where did it start, or did you just make it up?

A friend and I started it a few years back at college. I've been playing it ever since.

"I just lost The Game. ... but I won The Contest!"

It almost makes up for the crushing defeat, almost

On an off-topic note, this story was already reported by that attention seeking girl.
I can't for the life of me remember her name, she did however create a thread asking if she should leave, which people almost unnanimously responded yes to.

I'll try and get the link.

every time ihear of time magazine i always think back to an OLD issue that i found where it was like all about pokemon >.>

Also, here's a bit more info on how they fooled the polling site, once they inserted a captcha before a vote.

*sigh* I lost and this isn't the first time the metro did an artical solely on the game making Britian lose the game.

4chan earns another point of respect in my book. And another point for managing to get Time magazine to get us to lose the Game.

I think its kind of funny how we spend so much time badmouthing /b/, but as soon as something like this comes out we all go and say: "Alright /b/, keep doing your thing". I don't really care either way, I just think its a funny relationship that teeters between raging hate and congratulatory celebration.
Though this is impressive. I feel like the intelligence of these hackers could be put to really good use. Not that taking down a pretentious list isn't a good cause.

You haven't heard about the new WII game called "MARBLE CAKE ALSO". It is rumored to be a shooter starring the famous WII character Cooking MAMA. Apparently a ruthless criminal organization steals her famous MARBLE CAKE recipe for their Christmas party and Cooking MAMA goes on a bloody quest to recover the recipe by any means necessary. The developers don't want to give away to much about the ALSO part but it is supposed to be a major part of the story.

when you see it, you will shit bricks...

Anyway, yeah, I just read this article recently myself, on the website whose link is provided in the update here. h4x, but still awesome.


The infamous SCAMola:
Didn't that Hitler guy do a story on this weeks ago? Also, what does "Marble cake also the game" mean exactly?

black lincon:

The infamous SCAMola:
Didn't that Hitler guy do a story on this weeks ago? Also, what does "Marble cake also the game" mean exactly?

it means you lose, sorry couldn't resist.

I have no idea about the marble cake part but the game is a game where if you think about the game you lose, wrap your head around that!


The infamous SCAMola:
Didn't that Hitler guy do a story on this weeks ago? Also, what does "Marble cake also the game" mean exactly?

I second that, what the shit is this?

My understanding is that "Marblecake" was the name of the IRC where people from /b/ came up with their thing against Scientology. Also, this isn't the first time they've manipulated a list to have the first letters spell out "Marblecake also the game".

Just don't look up "marble cake" on urbandictionary.com...

/b/ win the annoyance of today award.

Why do they have a need to ruin everything, why can't they let moot win legitimately if they like him so much.

If they get caught one day I'll laugh.

...you just lost The Game.

Thanks for making me lose the game for the 900th time.

Damm it, You made me lose the game for the third time today :(

And I lost the game.

God-dammit, 4Chan. You and your pesky meddling ways, mixing things up and such.


This will free you from the game, oh and that platinum angel card is whats wrong with the new magic cards. In other words, over powered.

Wow that's a cool find.

Freakin Time. I was gonna win.

Damnit! I lost the game.

wait a minute guys I WON THE GA- no fuck wait... dammit.

So how long before 4chan and /b/ just start running the economy for the US? I'm guessing they'll do better than anyone else who's tried so far...

This "The Game" thing is the most pointless, retarded thing I have ever had the displeasure to hear of.

We are in agreement. This poll is about the same...

Wow, thats just insane... every day I wonder if it will be the day 4chan presses the doomsday button... -goodness gracious... their power level is- NO! gah! I wont let it take me!

The infamous SCAMola:
Didn't that Hitler guy do a story on this weeks ago? Also, what does "Marble cake also the game" mean exactly?

To your first question: ThunderHitler was a poor quality troll who was ultimately banned so noone payed attention to that thread. To your second question: I have no idea.

I feel sorry for moot, his website is the laughing stock of the internet (but highly sucsessful due to the high amounts of basket cases and creeps on the internet.)

Wow..thats...fu-THE GAME-nny.

#marblecake is a 4chan-related channel.

"Also the game" is a common thing inserted into posts on /b/, referring to The Game, which has simple rules. Rule 1 is you lose every time you think about the game. Rule 2 is you have to announce it whenever you lose the game.

Also, this was hardly "hacking". Hundreds of /b/tards used applications repeatedly voting for the poll. Time shut the original app down, so some /b/tard merely disassembled the voting software and re-engineered the automatic voter to skip the captcha.

It doesn't even come close to hacking, it's just /b/tards using their numbers to overwhelm Time's efforts to have a reliable poll.

It seems that the machines are finally rebelling against us. Quick, everyone watch every terminator movie and use it as a training video.

i could have spotted that... eventually
i figured it was something to do with the first letters, all i saw was CAKE, LOST and GAME :P

damn ive lost the game XD

ah well, i'll reset after i go to sleep

im about to be evil right now you all lost "the game"


Considering 4chan's obvious involvement in the whole thing, it feels a bit fishy. Also, it feels kind of hilarious: Has TIME - and consequently its international reader base - been pranked?

Yes. Yes they have. (Thanks to Mythnomer for the link.)

I love the internet, I love anarchism and chaos. This is just fantastic. It says so much about the state of the world we live in, especially this comment on that page:

f a poll run by a large media company (that should know how to run a poll) is so easily hacked, and with such finesse, by a loose collective, for fun, imagine what an organized group, motivated by money could do to a social music recommender. The next time you get a recommendation that says something like 'people who like XXX also like Coldplay' think hard about how that recommendation came about.

We're all royally fucked so much, isn't it just awesome?

The infamous SCAMola:
Didn't that Hitler guy do a story on this weeks ago? Also, what does "Marble cake also the game" mean exactly?

"Marble cake also the game"

It sounds like nonsensical rambling to me.

It makes about as much sense as most of the content found on the internet.

/b/ is amazing.

I mean that in both a good and a bad way.

I still remember when Rain beat Stephen Colbert in a Time poll--you'd think they'd have learned after that (but that did get us Stephen Colbert singing a parody of a Rain song in Korean on his show, so hey).


I'd been going so long D=

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