Paul McCartney's Ex: Almost a Bionic Commando

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Great way to debunk your reputation for being greedy, Ms. Mills.


Honestly, whilst she is no angel, having met Macca once I can quite easily say he comes off as a slimy cunt. But perhaps its just me.

She's a greedy bitch who stole a bunch of one of my hero's money (Paul) that wants more for a tiny thing.

Does your RSPCA try to re-name fish "sea kittens"? Thought not. PETA is a stupid organization, as in their ideas are pathetic. I support animal rights, and vegetarianism, but I still hate PETA's guts.

Sea Kittens:

Just thought I would correct that bit there. Really confused me after coming in from a night out!

Whoa. Thanks!

For correcting a spelling mistake?

Heather Mills needs to lose her mouth next, so that she can't speak.

Heather Mills has been classed as mental and a gold digger for ages now. This is hardly surprising. If anyone hasn't seen Marcus Brigstocke's Late Edition bit about her on Youtube then I suggest you check it out. It shows the extent of her gold digging.

The only Peta i wanna hear about is the Todd variety...

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