Raiden IV Coming To America

Raiden IV Coming To America


Twitchy shoot-em-up fans rejoice! The latest entry in the genre stalwart Raiden series is headed to North America this August.

Developed by UFO Interactive, Raiden IV offers the standard "fly through a stage blowing up everything in sight" gameplay the series is known for, backed up by all the graphical might of Microsoft's Xbox 360.

Additionally, Raiden IV will utilize the Xbox Live online platform to offer online leaderboards, downloadable replays and DLC packs including extra ships, according to 1up.

Despite the technological upgrade, the game -- which has been available in Japan for months -- seems to retain all the gameplay nuances of its predecessors. A smart move for the developers, given that shmup fans are notoriously allergic to any sort of change.


I hope that the US version of Raiden is either region free or that they're planning to release a European version of it. More shmups is never a bad thing.

Sweet. We don't get enough shmups nowadays and I'm super-psyched about this one.

Hooray for bullet hell games. Raiden has always been a good one, so I hope that this continues the trend.


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