Dhani Harrison: 'The Beatles: Rock Band Is Going to Blow People's Minds'

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yeh i agree with them sounding stragley modern i mean listen to lady madonna does it sound like that song actually came out in the 60's? and helter skelter doesnt to me either.

and i agree i dont think it will be revolutionary unless it comes with a virtual reality set that makes you feel like your on stage so realistic you can smell georges sweat then its not guna be revolutionary but im going to buy it cuz i dont own rockband yet and i want to so might as well start with one of my favorite bands

Highly doubt a rhythm game can possibly do that.


most rap music acutually takes no talent you make a few beats and noises on a computer make a few words that rhyme and there you go thousands of dollars.

This automatically invalidates any argument you might have had.

You're also confusing influence with relevance.

By "masturbatory meditative songs" I mean shit like Within You Without You.

how does that invalidate any aurgument i might have had? if it takes talent then how could it be that two years ago my kids in the 9th grade class i was in made an entire rap song using no instruments but simply playing with beats that were preset in a computer then went back to there seats wrote lyrics and came back to sing them? i have no trouble with a rap song if it takes talent or has something to say but almost every rap song i've heard is either about how much drugs and money they have or how many girls and cars they have. not to mention that there rymting talent isnt a valid talent because half the time they make up words or twist words so they rhyme. if a tehnth grade class can come up with a song in less than five minutes and the lyrics in less than ten how does that take talent?

how am i confusing the two? if you've influenced modern musicains then you're relivant to modern culture. relivance is being important to or having something to do with something. they are both important and have something to do with modern music because without them we wouldn't have them. how is that not relivant?

and ill agree within you and without you is a "meditative song" i don't see how it's masturbatory but to be fair i've never actually listened to the lyrics becuase that song isn't a favorite. so it could be masturbatory, i don't know you could be right.

Highly doubt a rhythm game can possibly do that.

lol that was the point.

I doubt Mastodon or Lil Wayne are planning to namecheck them any time soon.


EDIT: My mum is a big fan of The Beatles, but I prefer lyrics that actually make sense.

And anyway, I don't play Rock Hero or Guitar Band or whatever the fuck they're called.

AND hoowww could I playyy with another?
When I saw this gaaaame on shelves.

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