Get Ready for DudeFest!

Get Ready for DudeFest!


Dude! It's time for DudeFest! The Big Lebowski Tribute Party, featuring White Russians, Wii Bowling, costume contests, a film screening and more.

DudeFest! is a tribute to the 1998 cult classic The Big Lebowski, a Coen Brothers film starring Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi and a host of others in a doped-up story about bowling, nihilists, kidnapping and a rug. Despite mixed reviews and an unimpressive box office, the film and its iconic characters have proved remarkably durable and as a result, we have DudeFest!, "a celebration of all things Lebowski," hosted by the Creative Alliance at the Patterson in Baltimore.

White Russians will be served, as will imitation In-N-Out Burgers, the movie's signature food. Costume contests are being held, with used bowling pins awarded to the best Dude, Big Lebowski, Walter Sobchak and Jesus, and of course bowling - Wii Bowling - will also be available for those who don't have a problem rolling on Shabbos. Tying up the event will be a duplicate of The Rug, hopefully not peed on, that fans of the film can pose on for photographs, followed by a screening of the film at 10 pm.

What makes a deeply weird comedy like The Big Lebowski so enduringly popular? It's very much an all-or-nothing film and movie fans who like it tend to like it a lot. "The movie's strength comes from the diversity of the characters and their philosophies," said Creative Alliance member and hardcore fan Don Plehn. "The Dude is not a go-getter, but he's got strong moral values and is a loyal friend. The Dude's nemesis, Jeffrey Lebowski or the Big Lebowski, is seen as... a self-absorbed, vain man."

DudeFest! The Big Lebowski Tribute Party takes place on June 6 at the Creative Alliance at the Patterson in Baltimore, starting at 7 pm. For more information, check out


for a film about absolutely nothing, Big Lebowski is awesome :D

I'd actually never heard of this movie until the other day. It was on TV at my friend's place and we watched it for awhile. I kind of want to know how it ends now. What I saw was pretty good.

Plus, Steve Buscemi and Flea? How can you go wrong?

Okay I saw this and I'll admit that I enjoyed it but I don't see the epic awesomeness that others see.

Um, I'm not sure what to put. But I love In-N-Out Burger...

You see what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass? *smashes car window*

Great film.

Never quite understood why people love that film so much, not to say its a bad film though, I quite enjoyed it.

Yeah we have Dude parties out here in bowling alleys all the time...and it's AWESOME.

I wish I could go. Long live The Big Lebowski.

There was an event similar to this recently in a bowling alley near my house. I wanted to go, but I had to work -_-

"The Dude abides, man..."

Raymond Chandler novel + Taoist Stoner as hero = winning formula

Although Pineapple Express was a mixed bag for me when they applied it to an action film.

I quite liked Pineapple Express, very funny movie, but it didn't have anything like the genius of Lebowski. Maybe I'm just caught up in the hysteria but Lebowski always seemed to be operating on a higher plane (so to speak) than similar movies. The strength of the supporting case is a big part of it, every character was so outrageous and yet the actors just nailed them. John Goodman has never been better. And yet through it all, no matter what was going on... the Dude abides.

I'm not a fanboy or cosplayer by any stretch but if something like that ever went down in this area, I'd be dressed up (down) and drinking White Russians all night.

I liked Pineapple Express, and I usually can't stand comedy movies. I have a very high standard of quality in what I find funny. So I guess I'll have to watch Lebowski at some point.

Dude, I know this chick at my college who dates this guy we actually call jesus because hell, he looks like the stereotypical white jesus.

I need to watch this movie now, excuse me while I make a late night phone call to my friend "movie rental store"

Must admit, i'd not seen it until i joined a clan called tBL, and was forced to add Lebowski to the end of my name.

It's also partially responsible for me calling people 'dude' these days

I've always called people dude. And I've never seen this movie, despite owning it on multiple occasions. I think the fact that people are constantly telling me to see it is part of the problem.

Keane Ng:
I've always called people dude. And I've never seen this movie, despite owning it on multiple occasions. I think the fact that people are constantly telling me to see it is part of the problem.

Wha...? You owned several copies of it but never actually watched it?

I understand the part about being pressured to watch it, though, I hate when people do that. It's a good movie, but I'll never rabidly tell anyone "Go watch it NAO!"


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