The Path Devs Reveal New Project, Fatale

The Path Devs Reveal New Project, Fatale


Tale of Tales, the artsy crew behind indie horror title The Path, have announced their newest project, an "interactive vignette" called Fatale that takes its inspiration from an Oscar Wilde play.

No, it's not the name of some Chinese bootleg of Microsoft's Natal. Fatale is the newest project from The Path creators Tale of Tales (designer duo Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn), and is based primarily on Oscar Wilde's play Salome, which in turn is based on a story from the Bible about a young woman who dances for her stepfather in exchange for the head of John the Baptist.

Seems like as fitting a tale for a game as Lars von Trier's Anti-Christ, but Tale of Tales says that Fatale isn't so much a "goal-oriented quest" as it is "an explorable painting or interactive vignette" in the spirit of their 2008 project, The Graveyard. In Fatale, you'll be witness to the event of Salome's dance and John the Baptist's execution, and will get to experience "the story through the emotions and thoughts of the characters involved."

"We're interested in the idea of a love story that ends in death," said Tale of Tales. "But we also want to include other elements of the tale." To that end, Fatale will consider the mother-and-daughter tension between Salome and Queen Herodias, as well as the political subtext of the story. So, yeah, this is some serious stuff. What's next, a game version of Tristan und Isolde?

Fatale will be released on October 5 this year, the 78th anniversary of the first public performance of Wilde's play in English.


But you never finished 8!
I want my Briar Rose fairy tale! >=(

Cool. It's great that there's a company out there who can still make games as unsettling and thought-provoking as The Path. Let's pray they keep up the great work.

They do enjoy their death sequences. Perhaps even more than

Keane Ng:
No, it's not the name of some Chinese bootleg of Microsoft's Natal.

Ha, I kept pronouncing it similary to Natal. Looks like a fun game too.

ah yes the year for indie game companies is here!!

~is happy~

She's a necrophiliac in the Wilde play. I mean... it's kinda less a love story that ends in death as it is "lustful daughter of King Herod gets rejected by the zealous John the Baptist and dances an erotic dance for her father so that he'll give her John the Baptist's head (body detached) and then she kisses the head." I mean, it really runs the gamut of weird stuff: religious puritanism, lust, it pushes the envelope on incest, and definitely includes necrophilia. By comparison, Tristan and Isolde is actually pretty tame. I mean, at least Tristan and Isolde actually does just boil down to "a love story that ends in death." This one boils down to "stalker decapitates the object of her desire."


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