Turmoil and Layoffs at Damnation Developer

Turmoil and Layoffs at Damnation Developer


The development team behind the third-person shooter Damnation has been laid off and court documents reveal that studio Blue Omega has been embroiled in legal problems and acrimony involving subcontractors and publisher Codemasters.

Court documents uncovered by Shacknews show that Blue Omega launched two lawsuits against subcontractors working on Damnation. The first, filed in January, alleged that Codemasters had terminated its development agreement with Blue Omega and then enlisted Point of View Inc., which had been contracted by Blue Omega in 2007 to work on the game, to continue development. Blue Omega sought damages of at least $75,000 from Point of View but voluntarily dismissed the case five days later.

The second suit was filed in February, claiming that another contracted developer, Velvetelvis, produced "unacceptable," "unfinished" and "untimely" work which caused Blue Omega to miss deadlines with Codemasters. That suit, which is still pending, also seeks minimum damages of $75,000.

Meanwhile, the final nail in the Damnation/Blue Omega coffin came on June 23. "The entire Blue Omega team was laid off today," former programmer Geoff Rowland wrote on Twitter.

This may help explain why Damnation, which began life as a second-place entry in Epic's inaugural Make Something Unreal contest, has fared so poorly in the eyes of reviewers. Our own Tom Endo said it was more like a rough draft than an actual game, describing it as "the ashy remnants of a spark that ignited in 2004."


Feel bad for the guys seeing as how it was an interesting concept when they announced it. I blame Codemasters though, I blame Codemasters for everything.

Good idea, destroyed by industry crap. Moment of silence.

Welcome to the reality of the oh-so-glorious gaming industry.

Good I say Damnation was a crime

so.... does this mean I can sue for damages? Mainly for half an hour of my life and a full refund of the purchase price. That would be grrreeeaatt.

The game isn't THAT bad... it just can't be classified as good, or even complete. Good score in potential, bad score in concretization...

I can only say that i saw layoffs coming, judging by reviews and personal experience.

Funny how nowadays in this industry one bad game = death

It could be a Blizzard game and it's the best game in the world but if it doesn't sell it's their end.

Next time you see a WWII shooter, and you ask "wtf another one?" think about Damnation. You'll understand why it's ANOTHER WWII shooter. It seems like no one wants to fund a "different" game.

Well that explains it. Also Velvetelvis who came up with that?!

Double Post. Sorry folks.

They had a good concept but dear god did they fuck it up. One of the worst games I have played in years. They deserved to get fired.


You make it sound as if it is getting judged on its premise. Trust me. Play the game. It had utterly horrible fighting, they focused far too much on platforming and that was horrible too, even the story telling was meh.
I could forgive a lot of things but this game really had no redeeming value.


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