FOX to Recast Futurama

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Doing Futurama without Billy West and John DiMaggio would be like trying to do South Park without Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Thanks, FOX. You seem to have screwed the pooch on this one.

Not a big fan of the show, but the voice-casting was exilent and recasting them all will make it fall flat on it's ass.

Well, I have mixed opinions about Futurama.

I will say that immediatly jumping on Fox might not be the right move since we're not in possession of all the information. For example how much are these new Salary demands, especially in comparison with what they were getting paid? Plus despite all the fans one has to weigh that in comparison with what the show is making. How much are people willing to pay/bid fo an ad spot during Futurama?

The cost to produce shows has to be weighed by the amount of money that can be made by advertising/sponsorship. A lot of shows don't make it/get cancelled by simply being too expensive to produce. This is also why a lot of good shows never get picked up. This can revolve around FX, paying the actors, or other factors.

Allegedly Star Trek lasted a very long time despite claims that the networks were losing money on it. The basic claim being that they kept it alive for the fans, despite the cost to produce the episodes/pay the cast being higher than they could get from advertisers. Tie in products/promotions/etc... seeing a vast amount of the money but also seeing it split up a lot of differant ways. I use this as an example simply because of the claims over the years.

You can't keep too many things around that way due to raw love, and it takes a special kind of investment to have networks and producers find ways to contrive to make something profitable (or at least break even) so they can do it, as opposed to make money.

Fururama isn't anything like that I don't believe, and it seems to be a fight between the Network and the cast. Basically the Network feels they can make money off the show, and like it enough to want to keep it around, BUT you've got the cast demanding more money than they ever have before and apparently enough to be an issue.

Without hearing what their demands are, it's hard to say whether we should be yelling at Fox to pay them, or sticking our collective fan-worn boots up the rear of the voice actors for being a group of greedy putzs.

I mean look at it this way, the guy who does Zoidberg is funny (even if I don't watch it that often), but if the dude is like saying that it's not enough for him to have a brand new Lamborgini, but he wants his own personal private jet as well (or whatever, it's probably not that exagerrated) I'm not entirely sure I'd be screaming "Greed" at Fox.


Wow, I guess I'll never be watching new episodes of this show now...sad really.

I'm surprised there's such little reaction about Zap Branigan, I seriously can't see anyone else doing his voice either.


FOX is so retarded. I can understand changing the Professor, Hermes, and >.< fuck cant remember Japanese mars girl.

But Fry, Leela, Bender, and Zoidberg can't be replaced.

Mars girl's name is Amy/Ami Wong.

Chinese not Japanese too. Also changing the Professor but not Fry would be a little odd considering they are the same voice actor.

WTF!? The voice actors who do those roles do practically every other character in the show (especially Billy West) who would be left from the original cast? I think Nibbler is the only one left.

I know happpened they got some snazy new uniforms made of cheap volure(not sure how it is spelt) damn them and trying to be snazy over paying the cast.

Edit: Damn that was Grammer breakdown there for a second in my post :D.

Seriously. Not cool.

The infamous SCAMola:
And cue Captain Picard Facepalm de-motivators...

Sorry im late

Funny how Fox could fund the movies but not the new series (which would have made even frickin' more!), they could do what they tried to do in the Radioactive Man Movie with Fallout Boy :D

The writing staff is more important than the actors, are they intact?

"...the show must go on."

Really, Fox? Is that why you canceled it?

You DON'T recast Bender. Or Billy West come to think of it.

FOX can bite my shiny metal ass!

Eh, so lone as they still have good writing, I'm okay with it.

Billy West and John DiMaggio are what make this show great. Lela I could understand, but west does soooo many of the voices! I refuse to believe that this will be better, and hope to god they reconsider.

Where is the email for the casting director. HE IS GOING DOWN!!!

And I wonder what Matt Groening will say during Comic-Com

*grabs twelve dozens eggs* Would someone kindly point me towards Rupert Murdoch's house?

(I know he probably didn't ultimately make this decision, but he probably has it coming anyway, the rich old prick).

I can't make any real judgment on who's being the jerk here--the show heads or the cast--as they haven't specified how much the cast actually wants to get paid. However, the heads seem like hypocritical assholes for actually saying, "The show must go on."

If their going to do that, then whats the point in bringing it back?

what ? thats stupid ! none of the voice should be changed leave it as it is damn it ! it should be a criminal act to replace those voice actors . and how is it that the original cast is very little intact ? didn't they just finish those 4 movies ?

Aww, just when I'm about to start watching Season 4.


Bring out the torches and pitchforks! You do NOT under ANY circumstances mess with the cast of Futurama! Just cancel it again if you must, but don't defile it with other voice actors! NO! NO! NO!

Fox must buuuuuuurrrrnnn...

No DiMaggio? No way I'm watching this tripe than.


They better not fuck with MORBO!


They better not fuck with MORBO!

they better not fuck with anyone ! not even scruffy for he is the janotor !

NO!!!! That's just...not right. At all. I'll miss Dr.Zoidbergs voice, And the Professor =[[[[


They better not fuck with MORBO!

I have bad news for you: Maurice LaMarche voices Morbo and he's one of the actors that FOX is trying to cut loose.

FOX makes a dick move... so what else is new?

Let them recast the characters. Once the die-hard fans hear the first recast character they love, FOX's hate mail with be overflowing. With that kind of outcry, you'll have a 50% chance of getting the original voice actors back. The other 50% pertains to them just canning the new seasons and moving on to their next Prime-Time flop.

Read from IGN first but still this dosent really suprise me. I mean this if FOX we are talking about they are out to corupt anythuing good

And the pay they were asking for? $75,000 dollars an episode. And since FOX cut budjets they wouldnt even listen to the cast and their demands

This sucks more than I ever thought anything could. Why would they even bother bringing back the show without ALL the original voice actors.

On imdb there are no traces of a fifth Futurama movie. I wonder that when they ever decide to make it, if they would use the original voice actors, or the new ones. What the series are concerned, I think this is a really bad move. Try thinking of The Simpsons with everyone having a different voice. Homer is not Homer when he doesn't have Dan Castellaneta's voice.

Did anyone else know that the voice actor for Hermes and Vamp from MGS is the same guy? Thought that was really weird when I found out.

If they can't get the old voice actors back, why bring the characters back at all.

I'd rather see a new futurama with new characters, than a new one with the same characters but different voice actors.

how can they do that!!!! futurama's cast was great the way it was, they change it now and it wont be like it was.

Eh, so lone as they still have good writing, I'm okay with it.

That may be iffy. According to this Variety article FOX is doing budget cuts on the show all across the board. Besides the casting issue the writing staff has also taken a hit and the delivery schedule has been shortened.


no comets SRSLY

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