Cross Your Fingers For a Crimson Skies Relaunch

Cross Your Fingers For a Crimson Skies Relaunch


Crimson Skies, Microsoft's alternate-reality 1930s air combat game, could soon be making a comeback.

Crimson Skies first appeared on the PC in 2000, set in an alternate-timeline 1930s in which the United States has broken up into numerous smaller nations that are almost constantly at war. In this world, airborne freebooters cross the skies in giant, aircraft-carrying zeppelins, battling for fame and fortune on the backs of fantastical, piston-driven planes. But in spite of its joystick jockey veneer, the game's flight model was extremely relaxed and simplified; Crimson Skies was far more Afterburner than Falcon.

An Xbox version, Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge, was released in 2003, while an Xbox Originals version for the Xbox 360 came in 2007. For all practical purposes, however, the franchise had been dormant for years and Microsoft's decision to pull the plug on Fasa Interative in 2007 looked to be the final nail in the coffin.

But not if Fasa founder Jordan Weisman has his way. Weisman's new company, Smith & Tinker, has licensed the rights to various Fasa properties from Microsoft, including Crimson Skies. "I wanted to start with Mechwarrior, because it really struck me as the one that had the largest existing fan base and it had been the longest since a Mechwarrior title was done right," he told GameSpot, referring to the recent announcement of the Mechwarrior franchise reboot.

"In the wee hours of the night, I spend time thinking about the older properties," he continued. "I think Crimson Skies is something we'd love to get some energy around, and we have some devious plans - we'll see if those materialize."

There is one Fasa title that gamers shouldn't expect to see re-emerge anytime soon, however: The less-fondly-remembered RPG-inspired shooter Shadowrun. "Shadowrun was recently... not treated well, shall we say, so the thought was, let a little time pass before approaching that one again," Weisman added.

First Mechwarrior, now Crimson Skies? I think Jordan Weisman may be on his way to becoming my favorite person of the year.


If they make mechwarrior and crimsons skies...
I don't know what I'd do.
shake their hands or cry...

WOOOOO! CRIMSON SKIES! *does beagle happy dance*

Seriously, that is endlessly awesome.

I'd buy that for a dollar. I love Crimson Skies, except for the last boss. I hate him.

Anyone else play the MechWarrior tabletop? That game was fun.

I have enough fond memories of FASA products to be cheering at the moment.

I really want they to give us an Alpha protocol/Mass Effect-like Shadowrun RPG. I do agree that the previous Shadowrun release would likely poison a lot of people against for a while, though.

I used to love pretty much every tabletop offering FASA had other than Earthdawn.

Mechwarrior is in desperate need, and should be first I agree. Crimson Skies could be a good choice for second, but I'd like to see something a little more Falcon and a lot less Afterburner this time around. Shadowrun however, would have been my pick for game number two. Shadowrun is an IP with limitless possibility, and could easily make an FPS, GTA-Style, Syndicate-Style, or RPG game. Personally, I'd love to see GTA-Style Shadowrun complete with the choice in what kind of character to be, and multi-player mode. Scale the game so that there are missions for as many or as few characters as the player can get together including plenty of solo and a handful of all-out war quests for +/-32 player characters.


That game was freaking SWEET!

I'll be waiting...

I like the 2000 pc version especially with a filght stick. but the xbox version ehhh... it was to flashy so I think they should let the series die

First Mechwarrior, now Crimson Skies? I think Jordan Weisman may be on his way to becoming my favorite person of the year.

This. I agree.

While I never finished the game I loved Crimson Skies and would definitely play and updated console version. I thought the world was really interesting and colorful plus it was easy to pick up and play. I'll have to go back and replay it (and actually finish it this time), wonder if it'll play right on my 360?

I would love it so much if they would reboot Crimson Skies. I have so many fond memories of that game. Seriously, it's hard to get much cooler than giant zeppelin battleships that launch fighters and battle until one is engulfed in flames.


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