Sega Not Celebrating Dreamcast's 10th Birthday on 9/9/09

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I liked the Sega Genesis. Never actually played the dreamcast extensively.

First console I ever owned, sonic adventure was the first game I ever completed. Good times.

Of course they won't be publicly celebrating the Dreamcast on 9/9/09! They'll be too busy heading to the movies to see Nine!


You know that already, deep in your hearts, like you know there's no Santa Claus.

WHAT?!?! There is no Santa Claus?

please for the love of god say it aint so those bear traps were all for nothing? what about the easter bunny?!



Ha. I was born on September 9th.
I want to make a dreamcast cake now.

My wife is making an N64 cake for my thirtieth at the end of the month. It's gonna have a cake controller and a cake Goldeneye cartridge in it.

Pretty excited about that.

Your wifes new name is now...
Awesome wife.

Thanks man, she is a special lady.

If I can find the 'camera to mac' lead I'll upload a picture after the party.

You know although Sega isnt celebrating WE ARE. Go to and check out our convention website. On September 12th 2009 we are going to celebrate the Birthday with a sing along, cupcakes, giveaways, and tournaments on classic Dreamcast games on 2 original store kiosks like you would see at Toys R Us or Funcoland 10 years ago. I hope everyone can come celebrate with us.

Game Core is also working with the people over at film in focus to promote the movie 9

Difficult-to-program-for hardware against the simpler PS1 architecture and look how that turned out.

Apparently nowadays it turns out very well according to Sony and their "intentionally hard to develop for" PS3

Also I'm still going on the "this is what they want you to think" angle. But oh well.

You want to know how bad the Dreamcast did by me? 3 years later I found on for $5 at a thrift shop with not av cable, two controllers and a game. Still a good system, if you can understand Japanese. I gotta say I love that picture of Martin Luther King Jr. with the Dreamcast. How cool is that.

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